SpaceX Spacewalk mission: Astronauts Training has begun for the 1st commercial mission

Mission SpaceWalk

SpaceX next mission that will be sending four astronauts to the space that will, do a Spacewalk mission, has begun. To know more about their plans and the projects, read the full article given below.

SpaceX Commercial Project

The four crew members, who will fly on a private Polaris Dawn mission, is all set to include the commercial SpaceX project and the debut of the SpaceX extravehicular spacesuit. The training of the mission is already started in this month on Dragon space craft to an altitude above three time to ISS.

The pilot commanding of the Polar Dawn mission and the billionaire businessman, Jared Isaacman, in an interview said that, SpaceX has begun the test of the Spacewalk mission and have completed the busy stretch of the crew rotation from the Space.

For the test, SpaceX have launched a Dragon flight having four astronauts to the space on 8TH April, which took off from Houston Company Axiom Space and return back to Earth on 27th April, in a SpaceX dragon capsule. 

The four week camp of the mission was the busiest stretch operation for the SpaceX human program. After 2 years, of company first crew mission this busiest mission was set.

This training and the mission is compared to the Apollo moon mission in 1972, which has the same kind of busiest schedule and the test were also same.

More about the Program

The more details about the Dragon spacecraft and the SpaceX Starship that will be conducting second and third Polaris mission has not been opened much by the company. This Spacewalk mission is planned to launch near November.

The crew of the mission are Issacman, Scott Kidd a veteran fighter pilot and the retired lieutenant colonel in US Force, followed by  Sarah Gills and Anna Menon, that will fly to the orbit on Polaris Dawn.

Gills and Anna, recently supported the Axiom and the NASA crew mission as a part of SpaceX team. With that missions been done, the four astronauts mentioned above, have started their training for the Jammed Mission.

Space Suit for the Astronauts

SpaceX is developing a special suit that will help the astronauts in the Spacewalk mission. Isaacman crew will be the first one to take the test of the new suit on the Dragon space craft mission.

The design and the look of the suit has already been revealed, and the suit is ungraded of the custom fitted pressure garments that are worn by the astronauts during the launch and the re-entry inside the Dragon space craft during the test. This suits are specially built to keep astronauts alive in any emergency.

This suit looks better than the previous one as it is more light, comfortable and safe for the astronauts. They are also bulky that were used for the excursion outside the International space station.

They will wear this suit during the launch and the re-entry because there is not much enough room inside capsule that will carry the suit and can be changed in the orbit. As said, this suit is inspired by the NASA 1980, mission about the moon walk.

NASA is in final stage of the selecting the company to develop and provide the space suit for the Artemis mission to the moon.

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SpaceX Spacewalk Mission

The Polaris Dawn crew members know the details of the SpaceX Dragon space craft, in a better way of the training of the spacewalk, which will be performing the non-government astronauts or the cosmonauts.

The Astronauts Training of the dawn mission, will be exactly like the NASA Spacewalk training, that will teach the crew about the suit and all the functions related to it.

Dawn crew will test a laser communication system from the link up with the SpaceX starlink network. The Spacewalk mission will be collecting the data on the radiation environment in the Dragon space craft orbit. The crew will prototype of star ship vehicle in South Texas.

Isaacman commanded the Inspiration 4 mission that was on last year September. This astronauts have previous missions experience and will act as a guide to the mission. He will also fly again on Dragon Resilience space craft, one of four member’s fleet.

SpaceX will remove the cupola viewing and add a nose to the Dragon Resilience space craft for the mission.

This mission will likely target the peak altitude of 870 miles that is higher than the NASA Gemini 1 mission, that crewed by the commander Pete Conrad.

It is very tough to touch above the 1400 km in the orbit, they are just dramatic increasing radiation, which probably won’t learn a lesson from it. They are expecting to get a lot of data after the couple of the laps at 1400 km orbit.

Future and the Conclusion

The dragon capsule will fire the Draco thrusters to the Lower altitude before the Spacewalk.

The space craft do not have any air lock that makes the spacewalk mission require the entire capsule be depressurized in space. The crew will fly around 300 to 500 km above the space level during this mission.

Issacman looks quite excited about the Spacewalk mission as this time he is joining hands with SpaceX, he is training the other crew members for the mission and will give his experience to them. This mission will fly high to the altitude and looks quite interesting.

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