SpaceX will launch dozen of Earth imaging satellite with Satellogic

Big satellite mission for SpaceX

SpaceX, the company of Elon Musk, which is touching heights nowadays, is planning to go for a big mission, which will be launching many Earth imaging satellite in one go, this mission is going to be signed with Argentinian Earth observation company named Satellogic. To know more about the mission and the deal done between them, read the full article given below.

Dozen of Earth imaging satellite

Argentina’s Argentinian Earth observation company, which name is Satellogic, has agreed to sign a big deal with SpaceX to launch around 68 More Earth imaging satellite on their multiple best rocket Falcon 9. This mission will be launching next year.

If we see on profitable side, this deal could be worth in collecting tons of millions of dollars for both the companies. This mission will be more than only launching, it will be collaboration of two important companies in the world.

This mission demonstrated that SpaceX small sat ride share program that remains as viable and competitive as ever as a plethora of start-ups work around the time to be preparing a new army of small rockets that are explicitly that will have a special design and will be launching small satellites.

Sate logic latest Multi Lunch Agreement is in talk with the existing MLA that was signed in early 2021 with the Musk company that will launch around 15-20 New satellites through the end of 2022.

The 2022 MLA will totally launch the cover of another 68 satellites from next year on wards. Through this agreement, Sate logic has manifested a total of Nine New satellites which are called as New Sat, that was be launched on the Transporter 2 and Transporter 4 mission in June 2021 and April 2022. This mission will have the payloads on Transporter 5 that will happen in May or June of 2022 and Transporter 6 on October 2022.

If everything goes according to the plan, the Musk company will have 34 satellites mission in 2022 with the ability to re image certain parts of Earth surface up to 7 times per day at a resolution around 0.64 to 0.99 meters per pixel.

About the mission with Satellogic

Satellogic wants to double the production and the launching rate of mission in 2023. They are adding 29 more satellites to the constellation in a year for a total of the 63.

By 2024, Satellogic have intended to debut a new space craft that is capable of imaging Earth at a resolution of 0.4 meters per pixels that will be launching around 76 satellites. This resulting the constellation of 139 satellites that would allow Satellogic to image at a high resolution at any point on the interest on Earth every 50 minutes.  

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Future of the mission

In 2025, the Musk Company will launch around 200+ satellites in the constellation, Satellogic believes that it will be able to fully remap the Earth every day, this is truly an unprecedented capability at the resolution for the new satellite mission that is capable.

Even as early as 2023 ending, SpaceX helps the Satellogic believes the mission to the constellation that will be able to remap the Earth at high resolution every single week.

Up to the date, Satellogic has launched not more than five new satellites at one on a given SpaceX rideshare mission. This company will continue the batch size of the half of 29 satellites that will be launching in 2023 and would need to fly as co passengers on the Starlink ride share mission. However, the Satellogic mission of the new satellites production, the constellation that could be expanded much faster and efficiently.

The Fourth new satellite iteration will weigh around 42 kg a piece, that means that SpaceX falcon 9 rocket that could easily launch the dozen on a single Transporter mission.


SpaceX Is not stopping even after getting threats from Russia, they are launching the satellites that is planned according to them.

There previous collaboration with NASA and now with Argentina space agency, shows how big company SpaceX is now.

The satellites missions are a big profitable mission that id going to happen, and one more history that Falcon 9 reusable rocket will create. The missions looks interesting and we can’t wait for this launches.

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