Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft : China launches new Cargo Ship to build space station.

Chinese Space Station looks close and progress

China has launched the Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft to supply materials for the upcoming space station, this mission have followed the Shenzhou 14 manned mission. To know more about the Tianzhou 4 mission and the progress of space station, read the full article given below.

Building the Space Station

The task to fly the Shenzhou 14 manned space flight mission and the materials that will be used in the building of the space station in the orbit, Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft has been launched in the long march 7 Y5 carrier rocket that took off from the Wenchang Space craft launch site in south China on Tuesday early morning.

The rocket flight was around 10 minutes, Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft got separated with the rocket and entered the earth’s orbit. The solar panel of the space craft opened smoothly with all the functions happening perfectly, this made the success of third space ship launch from China to the space station.

Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft carried more than 200 parcels in the cargo making it 6.2 tons heavy, the parcels included the astronauts supply, space station systems and space application domain. On board it was around 750 kg.

This supply will ensure the smooth implantation of the following mission of six months stay of the three Chinese astronauts in space. The equipment’s also consist of construction materials of the China space station as well as few materials for the projects that will happen soon on Space.

Tianzhou 4 Launch

Tianzhou 4 Launch
Credit – Xhinua

Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft also have the capability of controlling the space station flight form and the flying orbit, providing the data and the monitoring services to the space station that will support the science experiments in the orbit.

Being fully sealed space craft, Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft is the world largest cargo space ship with the most comprehensive in orbit supporting capability, making this feature unique than any other rockets around the world.

The scientist made the improvements to the craft based on suggestions from the astronauts, they have made the labelling design and added colours to the packaging handles, making it easy for the astronauts in the space.

According to the deputy chief designer of the craft, Nang Rong, Tianzhou 4 Cargo Spacecraft will also carry the payloads for the materials and the special test that will happen in the space and is also carrying a satellite, which will part of the process.

It would be the fourth time that the 53.1 meter long and 3.35 meter long diameter Long March 7 rocket will carry its Tianzhou passengers to the space. Making the establishment of the perfect coordination between the two space modules, the rocket reliability will be around 0.9838 in an international advance stage, indicating the technical status of the rocket.

The rocket has made 17 technical upgrades only for the space station mission. The up gradations are reducing the requirement, personal equipment’s reduction, weather, preparation time and many other condition.

The launch cycle of the rocket has been reduced by 4 days, this is the first time that Long March 7 rocket has been launched after being tested in a month.

Making a new Platform for Space Station

The Tuesday mission is marked as the first of the six space station mission that would be launched around in 2022 by the end of China space station that completed the construction and became operational.

This 2022, it’s been 30 years of the establishment of the country’s manned engineering project, on this occasion Tiangong will set three strategy for the project, making China an important place in the world . 

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Future of the China Plans and the Space station

The Shenzhou 14 and 15 manned mission will carry three man each, will meet and stay together in the space station for 10 days.

Next year China is going to launch the telescope called Xuntain Surveys of heaven. It will be a large telescope that will include the mission of launching the telescopes that will find Earth 2.0.

On the Big occasion of the China, they are thinking to make the collaboration with other countries that will Italy, Germany, France, Pakistan and many other countries, in the talk of common development and peace. They will sign the agreement together to work in group and explore space together.

China’s Shenzhou 14 crew mission will be launched in June, Wentian experiments module in July and the mengtain lab module in October. The Tianzhou 5 and Shenzhou 15 will be announced soon.


China has made the big progress in the exploration of space and with other countries help it will be more powerful and get all the rights they need.

The space station missions are in full swing that will be launching soon and the current mission looks successful.

The Chinese space station will be ready around 2030, with humans living there.

They are looking in no mood to stop and there success has been seen by the world.

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