Tianhe’s front docking port was docked by Tianzhou 3 Spacecraft

Tianhe Docked by Tianzhou 3 Spacecraft

China’s cargo spacecraft Tianzhou 3 is separated from China’s Tiangong space station core module Tianhe and is Redocked with the space station this Wednesday.

Tianzhou 3 Spacecraft got detached from the rear Chinese space station at 5.02 a.m. from the docking port of Tianhe and then, moved ahead to the modules front port and then completed a computer orchestrated rendezvous, and then docked early at 9.06 a.m. [Beijing time]. This information is given by the China Manned Space Agency.

It also said that the combination of Tianzhou 3 spacecraft and Tianhe core module is in good condition, and now they are waiting to dock with the Tianzhou – 4 cargo spacecraft. The Shenzhou-14 manned space ship are currently in the lab module in the Wentian.

China’s plans for Space station

China has planned to complete the construction of their in obit of its space station by the end of this year. They are putting their sweat on full fire to achieve the mission by 2022.

China has planned around 6 missions for this year 2022, the missions include the launch of the Tianzhou 4 cargo spacecraft that will be launched around May 2022, and the other mission is, Shenzhou-14, which will be launched around June.

They even have planned two lab module projects that are Wentian in July 2022 and the other module project is Mengtian in October 2022. The other two plans are not opened by China Space Agency, but I am sure they will be related to the space station’s construction, and these missions will be launched around the end of this year.

The space station’s construction will start soon in China’s space station in orbit, and this module will be looked like T shape module in space. Isn’t this interesting!

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More information about Tianzhou 3 missions done by China

Tianzhou 3 docked with Tianhe
Image from – CGTN

Tianzhou 3 is the mission to the Tianhe core module and its second cargo that is assigned with the aim of a resupply mission for the construction of the Tiangong Space Station. This spacecraft will carry around six tons of supplies every single time. The spacecraft has successfully docked at the TCM’s craft port ahead of seven hours after the launch at 14.08 p.m.

The main operator of this mission is China National Space Agency. The COSPAR id of this mission is 2021-085A, and the SATCAT id of this mission is 49222.

The duration of this mission is set for 12 months, is planned, and in-progress 7 months and 7 days are going on.

The Manufacturer of the Tianzhou 3 is China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

The mass of the spacecraft is 6640 kg and has dimensions of 10.6 m and 3.35 m. its power is measured in Watts.

This spacecraft was carried on Long March 7 on 20 September 2021 from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, and the contractor of the mission was the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

The mission will be deorbited in June 2022, which has been planned.

This spacecraft will fly in Low Earth orbit at 41.5 degrees in the geocentric orbit.


 Tianzhou 3 is currently doing great work in the orbit and will be deorbited in June. The current information on the hot topic is that the Tianzhou 3 is undocked from the Tianhe space station on Wednesday.


Que- Which country is set to launch the Tianzhou 3 Cargo spacecraft?

Ans – China Launched Tianzhou 3 Cargo spacecraft on 20, September,2021 from Wenchang Satellite Center.

Que- What is Tianzhou 3?

Ans- Tianzhou 3 is the Mission of China. It is Part of Tianzhou Crewed Cargo spacecraft. China launched it for its Space Station.

Que- What does Tianzhou mean?

Ans- Tianzhou means in Chinese is “Lords of Heaven”. This Chinese word used by Jesuit China mission.

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