Tiandu Space Exploration Laboratory – China’s Next Step

What is Tiandu Space Exploration?

China has developed a new deep space exploration on earth to support the development of their growing plans for lunar and planetary missions, this laboratory will conduct research on science, technology, engineering and other researches related to deep space exploration. It major role is to support the development of large scale basic scientific research facilities.

Wu Weiren, Chief designer of China’s lunar exploration said that ‘The laboratory is opened to worldwide, it is an open platform. We have to attract international talents to work in the lab’.

The Tiandu Space exploration is situated in Hefei, the capital of Chinas Anhui province, and was inaugurated in February. It was founded jointly by the China National Space Association, the Anhui Province Government and the University of Science and Technology of China. It will also have their one branch in Beijing.

Why Tiandu Space Exploration?

The main aim of this project is to do researches on deep space exploration on earth. They have many aims to follow with number of projects kept to achieve on. The development of Tiandu space exploration is touching miles, as a number of major Chinese Exploration milestones and seeks to support an overall strategy of making china a powerful space center. For Example in 2020 China launched its first independent interplanetary effort, the Tianwen1 Mars mission, and collected the first samples from the moon with Change’s 5 mission.

Tiandu is also working on international scientific research and projects. China is in talk with other space explorations center of Europe and Russia to aim for their national, commercial and scientific partners for the ILRS, a joint China-Russia project to build a moon base in the 2030s.

Tiandu main aim is to achieve scientific researches not only in the space but also around the world.

Tiandu Space Exploration

Aims of Tiandu Space Exploration

The aims, which were outlined in January, will be supported by the new laboratory. Chinas next lunar missions will be the change’s 6 the same return effort of change’s 7, multi spacecraft project, both the projects will aim the moons south pole and launch around 2024. Another of their mission, named Chang’e 8 will have focused on resources utilisation in situ and technology trials. It’s including 3D printing. It can release before 2030.

The country’s planetary plans include a Mars sample return project around 2030, a mission to send a probe to the Jupiter system. This both missions will include the same aim of returning of asteroid samples and study a comet closely. They are even aiming a mission to launch a couple of spaceships to the edges of the solar system.

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Current Status of Tiandu Space Exploration

Tiandu space exploration is currently working on their aim to reach and collect information’s and samples from the south pole of moon. They are even aiming to join hands with other big space centers such as NASA and many more to explore space and also collect samples around our solar system. Last year, Tiandu also held its first planetary defense conference, with presentations on a variety of related studies, system and technology related to space. Tiandu is working hard with its new missions and aims to achieve them all by 2030s.

FAQ Related to Tiandu Space Exploration

Que- Does China have good space program ?

Ans – Yes, China have a good space program. China is working On lunar mission as well as working on Mars Mission.

Que- What is plan for the future of space exploration ?

Ans – China have big plans for future of space exploration. China has developed Tiandu Space exploration laboratory.

Que- Does China have NASA?

Ans – No, China has its own space Exploration program, named China National Space adminstration. But China will plan to join hands with NASA for more exploration of space.

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