SpaceX Starlink Service is now available in 32 countries

SpaceX, the company of the richest man in the world by Elon Musk, have planned to increase its boundaries around the world, they have planned to expand Starlink service in 32 countries, the more countries they plan the more missions they get. The best space company in the world is coming to India now, to know more about the missions and there expanding, read the full article given below.

Starlink Service in 32 Countries

Starlink shared a post on Twitter, the map that showed the Starlink service that they will be available across the globe, the map showed manly countries of America and Europe and some of the Asian countries like India.

The satellite service of the Musk Company is coming to India soon. The total countries that are planned by them is 32 countries. Still less for them but a big step is taking place doing collaborations with the big countries.

SpaceX have announced this news through the Twitter, now even this company is owned by the Elon Musk as he brought it for 41 billion dollars from the Twitter owner.

They will providing their internet service to more than 30 countries, SpaceX have said people that who will order their Starlink service will get provided soon. The word they used is immediately.

Over the last few days, Starlink is facing the problem to deliver its internet service to major parts of the world, Customers are worried about their Starlink service and are complaining continuously about the shipment delays and the extension of the periods. It shows that now, Elon Musk will work rigorously towards resolving these issues.

The map they shared on the Twitter, shows their Starlink services around the world, and this will help them to solve this problem of delays and transportation. The service they will be providing is most parts of Europe and North America. They will be providing service to South America, New Zealand and Australia getting immediate access to the service.

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Starlink service in More countries

The company previously was providing Starlink service to 25 countries around the globe and now they are expanding the list to 32 countries. It is great to see the success of the company and shipping its dishes to the customers immediately. This comes as the great news, the consumers were continuously complain about the delay in the internet service of SpaceX and now the service will be soon.

They are still waiting for the permission around the countries but major countries are ready to join hands with SpaceX.

Many of the countries around the world such as Russia or China are not ready to join hands with Musk Company as they are totally independent and have their own internet service provider. They have a big hate for SpaceX and a collaboration between them will be a bad idea.

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Russia is having a big fight with Musk and his company, due to the recent help that SpaceX provided to Ukraine in the time of war, providing them great service and helping them to fight against Russia. They even launched the Star link mission after getting death threats from Russia and they even have war due to many satellites that are launch by SpaceX that are above the Russia’s orbit.

Basically, big countries like them won’t have plans to join hands with Musk Company but other countries will for sure.

Many small countries around the world like Bangladesh or Sri lanka might want to join hands with them but due to their budget and the plans, Musk won’t be thinking to launch SpaceX there.

SpaceX Starlink in India

India was always kept an eye for the key markets of the Starlink. It even started to get the pre orders from the country since last year.

They were paused in November following the government notification that was warning the Starlink to obtain the license for its services before starting any booking from the country.

The sad news is that the immediate list that was announced by the SpaceX won’t be including India but the countries that are coloured blue, will be the future spots for the launch and this includes India.

The government warning started the big issue for the refunds of the funds that were paid to the SpaceX, they claimed around 5000 pre orders from the companies around India and there refund is still pending.

In January 2022, Sanjay Bhargava quit the company after getting a big offer by any other country. He was the head of Starlink missions in the Asian countries.


The expansion of the missions looks interesting, as it will be providing great help to the service and the transportation to the Musk Company.

It will be shown as the big step towards the peace around the world as we all will be working under one roof.

The mission looks interesting and a big steps towards the progress of human civilization and marked as the history in the books.

Musk will be looking happy to be working with them and he will also be thinking about the future plans for his company.

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