SpaceX’s Dragon is better than NASA’s Boeing Starliner

All of us know that SpaceX is the only company in the United States that is capable of launching the astronauts safely from the International Space Station (ISS). Although there are other companies that worked on making successful satellite launches, most of them didn’t prevail for a long time. If we talk about NASA’s Boeing Starliner then people say that SpaceX’s Dragon better than NASA’s Boeing Starliner.

What is NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP)?

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP) mainly works on providing crew transportation services that are commercially operated from the International Space Station (ISS). These transportation services are done in contract with NASA and thus will also be conducting several crew rotations to and from the International Space Station (ISS).

Are SpaceX and Boeing part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP)?

SpaceX and its well-known competitor Boeing have been part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP) for a long time now. NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP) mainly aims to conduct rotational spaceflights in a frequent manner from the American soil out to the orbiting outpost.

What is Starliner?

Starliner is a space capsule that is designed to send astronauts to space. It is designed by Boeing and it was recently safe-landed in a desert in New Mexico. The Starliner vehicles came back to Earth after spending almost a week in the International Space Station (ISS). The journey became very popular as this is the first time, a company other than SpaceX has made its successful launch to the International Space Station (ISS).

Is Starliner not suitable to send astronauts to space?

There are many questions that came out after getting to know that the mission was unsuccessful. Most people say that one cannot rely on Starline to send astronauts to space as it cannot be trusted further and it might even put the lives of several astronauts at risk.

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Is SpaceX’s Dragon better than NASA’s Boeing Starliner?

After many rumors came out regarding the failure of NASA’s Boeing Starliner, the company came to know that SpaceX Dragon is way better than its own Boeing Starliner. However, NASA cannot completely be dependent on SpaceX for its future launches.

What issues did Boeing Starliner face after its launch?

Starliner was launched on Thursday evening in Florida. It didn’t carry any astronauts as of now since this is just a test flight to check the working of Starliner. After about an hour of its launch, the problems started showing up. There were issues with the software that skewed graphics resulting in a misaligned GPS map.

The Starliner also faced other issues like problems with the sensors and docking components that didn’t work properly and were not moving correctly in the beginning. The capsule also has a docking rink that kept popping out since it started approaching its port. There are several other components in the capsule that didn’t move into proper configuration during the launch.

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What did the Boeing Starliner program manager say about the issues?

The Boeing Starliner program manager was very much disappointed with the issues that came up with the launch. The ground teams had to work hard to repeat the process the second time and get everything into place again. The program manager said that all these issues need to be properly analyzed and fixed to move ahead.


The Boeing Starliner’s program manager ultimately mentioned that the capsule will not be launched until all of its issues are cleared and fixed properly after proper analysis is done. This expressed NASA’s idea of not taking a risk when it comes to the safety of the lives of the astronauts. Another member of the safety panel, Mark Sirangelo, said that there will be proper safety measures taken until the next launch is made.

The member also added telling that there might be a delay in the other launches that NASA is planning to make. The reason behind this might be the lack of proper resources for the program. This might affect NASA’s planned schedule to return to the Moon and other planets and delay them by a few more months.

NASA also mentioned that Boeing is working towards making a successful launch by making sure that all the hardware is ready by the end of this year. However, it also mentioned that this could move to the first quarter of next year.

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