SpaceX valuation $127 Billion : Elon Musk aim to raising funds, $1.7 billion for SpaceX

American space exploration company of Elon Musk SpaceX, is looking to raise $1.7 Billion in funds at a SpaceX valuation $127 Billion, which will make the company the most important startup in US. 

Elon Musk aim to raising funds

SpaceX valuation $ 127 billion
Credit – SpaceX)

According to a company email which is verified by CNBC, SpaceX is looking up to raise $1.725 Billion in fundis  at a cost of $70 per share. SpaceX is also conducting a secondary sale for company insiders and existing shareholders for up to $750 million in common their stock. 

Spacex new funding and stocks sale will skyrocket SpaceX valuation $127 Billion, this will make the company the most important startup in US surpassing fin-tech company Stripe. In the Last October, SpaceX was valued at $100 Billion after a 10-1 stock split at a cost of $56 per share 

Elon musk’s company’s goal of $1.7 billion in new funds which will bring the cost to $70 per share —  which is 25% increase — according to the company-wide email which is obtained by CNBC. 

In month of February, SpaceX divide its stock price 10-for-1 in February, reducing the stock cost to $56 from $560, according to an earlier  report by CNBC.

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Did split have any effect on company’s valuation

“The split has no impact on the overall valuation of the company or on the overall value of your SpaceX holdings,” the company said during the time an email obtained by CNBC.

In month of October, SpaceX’s valuation cover more than $100 billion, followed by a secondary share sale by investors, as GOBankingRates which is previously reported. 

New agreement of SpaceX

SpaceX had an agreement with new and pre existing investors to sell above   $755 million in stock from insiders in $560 a share, which increased the company’s valuation now to $100.3 billion, a total 33% increase from SpaceX’s previous valuation of $74 billion at $419.99 a share in month of February when the company had raised almost $1.2 billion. 

This latest funding in round would make SpaceX’s the highest ranking  U.S. startup on record, according to Bloomberg, which valued the round at $125 billion. 

Elon Musk aim to raising funds, $1.7 billion for SpaceX
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And At the same time, SpaceX is also  conducting a secondary sale to the employees, at the same price as earlier. Bloomberg reports that companies  which commonly conduct them in conjunction with a pre funding round. 

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SpaceX’s importance has been ballooned in the last few years, raising billions to fund for work on two capital-intensive projects: the next generation rocket Starship and its global satellite internet network Starlink of spacex reported by CNBC 

In month of December Musk, speaks remotely at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Conference, he said that it had been soo difficult to develop Starship — the next-generation vehicle and the company plans to use it to take humans to the Moon and Mars, as GO Banking Rates reported during the time. 

Starship “absorbs more of my mental energy than probably any other single thing,” Musk said at the time, according to Bloomberg report. “It is so immensely  difficult, there are some times when I wonder whether we can actually do this or not. 

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