SpaceX sets new record by launching Falcon 9 booster

SpaceX upgrades the Falcon 9 booster that turns around, making the record.

SpaceX has successfully launched its reusable rocket Falcon 9 booster twice the power of its last version. They have launched Falcon 9 rocket three times this week. It made the record for the orbital-class rocket around.

The previous record was also held by Falcon 9, set in early 2021 when a booster named B1060 launched a communication satellite for Turkey. The batch of the Starlink spacecraft was just 27 days and 4 hours apart from that mission. After 15 months, the new Falcon 9 booster has made its name on the record.

At 5.27 pm, Falcon 9 took off from the SpaceX Cape Canaveral Space Station that got launched from the 40th pad, and everything went through the plan that was made for the mission.

Power of new booster

This reusable Falcon 9 booster carried the sixth time with an expandable Falcon upper stage that faired a batch of 53 Starlink V1.5 satellites, most of the ideas out of the Earth’s Orbit with a velocity of 2.2 km per second. It got separated as per the plan and returned to the SpaceX drone ship.

Just in 21 days and 6 hours, booster B1062 has completed almost an identical launch with an almost identical launch with having a payload of 53 satellites that were Starlink.

Falcon 9 last record in 27 days is 25%. As in the case in SpaceX 27 day turnaround record, the new record that is made by this rocket is more impressive by having the fact that it only took 4 and half days just to travel 700 km that even included coming back to the port where it could be prepare for their next mission.

The new Falcon 9 booster looks quite strong and can turn around in just 16.5 days. The booster can even get the spacecraft back to earth as it was capable of bringing Starlink 4-14 back at Cape Canaveral.

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Records coming up

Falcon 9 booster

SpaceX said that the actual reusable rocket Falcon 9 B1062 took 9 days to complete the mission. This is a remarkable record as the exact time set to achieve this kind of mission is 21 days. 

SpaceX holds the record for the top nineteen records for the orbital-class rockets. A company like NASA has a record of 54 days turn around, but SpaceX does the turnaround in just 20 days, makes it back in business, and gets it ready for the next mission. 

While reusing the rocket, the refurbishing is the most challenging job at that time. It is still the closest at the point for the comparison that the Falcon 9 reusability exists since the beginning of the reusable rocket since March 2017.

The new booster named the Blue Origin New Shepard booster may be a better comparison in the regards for the hits that take the order of lighter magnitude and smaller magnitude and is a part of a strict launch vehicle that is suborbital. The new Shepard’s booster turns around the record with the successful record of even returning back in just 59 days. 

Conclusion and Future 

According to their plans, SpaceX has aimed four more Starlink launches in the May. The mission’s names are Starlink-4-13, Starlink 4-15, Starlink 4-17 and Starlink 4-18. This mission will be launching in a single month with dates around 8th May and 5th May or 25th May.

The best news is that SpaceX is going to launch another reusable Falcon 9 that is planned to launch a Cargo Dragon spacecraft to the International Space station on June 7th.

To conclude the article I would like to say that, SpaceX is really breaking and making a lot of records. The new record on a hot topic is the Falcon 9 booster up-gradation and one more record consists of the reusable Falcon 9 rocket.

Even the rocket’s carrying capacity has been increased and they are moving ahead in an incredible speed.

I am just stint by seeing what SpaceX is doing in the upcoming days and they are looking unstoppable in the present.  

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