SpaceX new AX-1 Private Mission for Space Station

SpaceX is making a collaboration with the private space company Axiom space and will launch AX-1 to their first private space station. 

Information about the trip

The mission between SpaceX and the Axiom space agency will launch on April 8,2022, and this is named Ax-1; this mission will make history by having the flight their first private mission to the international space station.

Ax-1 will be sending four private space travellers on the trip of 10 days to the station to conduct and push commercial spacecraft projects forward. They will fly on a Dragon capsule and have a rocket well known as Falcon 9 rocket. This mission will fly under the SpaceX crew. This crew includes Michael Lopez Alegria, a former NASA astronaut with Larry Connor, the paying passenger Mark Pathy and Eytan Stubble.

Each astronaut flying in the mission was helped out of the dragon by a recovery crew and will have to undergo medical checks to ensure that this astronaut is 100 per cent fit and fine to fly in this project.

These astronauts have been breathing fresh air for 17 days, and they have been going to their exercises and training to help them be comfortable in the space. The two astronauts are quite excited from their SpaceX dragon capsule just before 2 p.m. on Monday, April 25th, 2022, less than an hour after being splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean OFF the Florida coast. 

The crew has begun its 16-hour trip back to Earth after a smooth practice, if a few minutes late, undocking from the spaceport in the International Space station. 

Dragon capsule has completed a final burn before the departure and is now on a track for a splashdown off the coast of Jacksonville; these trails are taking place in Florida in the Atlantic Ocean recorded on April 25th, 2022.

Michael, the head astronaut on the mission, radioed NASA mission control in Houston after undocking and said that he was thanked once again for all the support they got through this adventure and even longer excited for the upcoming mission, and he really appreciated its professionalism.

The Dragon capsule is now slowly getting separated from the station and will begin its 16 hours of the journey back to Earth. The departure will occur as both crafts sailed 262 miles over the South Atlantic Ocean, which is based on the west coast of South Africa.

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More about the mission

International space station at low earth orbit

Ax-1 mission astronaut and pilot Larry Connor has confirmed that the SpaceX Crew Dragon hatch to the International Space Station is officially closed now. 

Hatch closure occurred at 7:26 p.m. EDT, which happened nearly an hour later the planned, but it did not affect the plan and continued to undocking time for the Ax-1 mission. 

 SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour, Connor and Ax-1 astronaut Michael López-Alegría, Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe have kept their SpaceX pressure suit undocking tonight.

International Space Station tom Marshburn is performing final hatch checking and will soon send the close hatches to ISS to continue, then depressurize the vestibule between the spacecraft, which are depress activity that is taking place before the hour.

NASA will resume its undocking webcast at 8:30 p.m. as the plan was set ahead.

SpaceX four Ax-1 astronauts have entered the International Space Station now, and the welcome ceremony will be done by the astronauts leaving the space station above our head. We can watch this welcome ceremony online. 

As of April 8th, 2022, Falcon 9 was separated from its second stage, and the Falcon 9 rocket and axiom space dragon capsule will also separate. As per the Axiom space agency, they successfully reached orbit.

Future of the mission

On April 9th, the four astronauts had reached the space station and started the work they were assigned. The head of the mission, Michael, said that their journey was quite smooth, and they did not have any issues while travelling over there.

Later on, the same day, they were welcomed by the astronauts above; in an interview, all the four astronauts said that the astronauts above were very kind and cooperative and helped them do their work in their peacetime.

On April 24th, all the astronauts took back their flight to Earth, and that journey was around 16 hours long; on April 25th, they landed back on Earth in Florida.

 The journey was totally successful as all the astronauts did their work on time and accurate, and they all signed off this mission on April 26th. 

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