SpaceX Moon Mission: SpaceX planning a mission to the moon

SpaceX is going to launch a rocket including a lunar mission to the moon by the end of the year. SpaceX Moon Mission will also include bringing back astronauts from the moon. Read the full article to know more about the mission and its collaboration with NASA.

SpaceX Moon Mission

After a successful mars mission last year, SpaceX has planned moon missions this year as many companies and the government have planned many launches to the moon this year. The government has various moon-bound spacecraft missions.

Most of the companies that are planning the moon mission are NASA that have a multibillion-dollar plan to bring back astronauts from the moon, the Artemis is even in the line for the moon mission. NASA is planning big, they have a series of rocket tests and science missions, and also an astronaut’s mission.

2022 is the year where the steps to the mission will be taken a step ahead. The two new rockets central to NASA lunar plans that will be launched for the first time are more powerful than the Saturn 5 rocket that includes the Apollo program. Many countries are going to join hands in the Mission Moon this year.

The first flight in the series of flights that is under NASA is called Artemis. This is a centerpiece rocket system that is built for the moon mission that will bring back the astronauts. This rocket will launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre which will even send the Orion capsule around the moon. Artemis 2 is in the rehearsal process that will even launch this year. The third mission will be called the Artemis 3 which will land on the moon.

It’s Time For SpaceX Starship

The return home mission of NASA will be done by a SpaceX starship rocket that will be used as a human lunar lander in roughly 2025. This mission will be the first mission landed mission since 1972. It is designed as a fully reusable rocket, Elon Musk’s ultimate goal is to send humans to mars and this mission is a big revenue generated satellite launch business.

But the mission will be on board with no humans and the test of the mission to the orbit till mid-2022.

Mr. Musk has big hopes to launch the starship by 2021 but, a protected Federal Aviation Administration review that was delayed while launching the company’s new Raptor engines that made postponed this time flight. The mission is expected to be finished in late February and that will determine whether environmental reviews will be necessary.

The successful orbital test will be a big step in NASA’s moon mission. Astronauts’ next launching space launch mission will be done in a capsule mission that will be launched by the SpaceX starship. This Starship is assigned the job to lift off to the moon and bring back astronauts from the moon.

NASA funding to SpaceX

Boca Chica , Texas , USA – June 3rd 2021: SpaceX prepares for their next mission with the Spaceship SN15 at the high bay at the Starbase Space Facility in Boca Chica Texas USA (Image – Pixabay)

The two planned robotic missions that are under the NASA program are scheduled to the lunar surface in 2022 and their development is going well smoothly.

Intuitive Machines is a Houston-based company and Astrobotic, which is based in Pittsburgh, is having an aim to send small lunar landers that will carry many scientific payloads to the moon by the end of this year.

The landers are developed under the NASA commercial lunar payload service program and this will rely on the private companies that will send the cargo and the ones who will do the research into the space for the commercial market.

Astrobotic’s lander is a four-legged lander that will be an on-board propulsion system and make it self-ease onto a basaltic plain on the northeastern quadrant of the moon carrying 14 research payloads. The company says Peregrine will be ready to launch in the middle of 2022 from the United Launch Alliances Vulcan rocket.

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Testing a lunar mission complex

The satellite that is going to the moon is being studied and developed by NASA and many other space agencies and is called Gateway, this mission will launch probably in the next decade.

Rocket Lab is built by the small launches and is posed to send a small satellite or cube sat for the NASA called Capstone. This will be launched from the NASA site in New Zealand. The company now got the time that it will launch the mission no earlier than May 3.

The mission Capstone will also be testing new technologies that will help in the navigation and calculating a spacecraft position that is related to other spacecraft.

This mission will be on board with cameras that will study star formation from the sun. Capstone will try to make its position in space by communicating with NASA orbiters.

Future and other countries in the SpaceX Moon Mission

Russia will be having its moon mission since 1976 that is called the Luna 25 lander and this mission will collect the lunar samples back to the Earth. This mission will be a new step as their last mission was called Soviet-era luna 24. This lunar mission will study the soil and the test technologies from the moon.

Japan will launch its first lander mission to the moon before the end of the year 2022.

UAE will launch its moon mission called Rashid, it is a small size robotic explorer machine built by the Japanese space agency. It is of basketball size. It will be transferred into the wheels rover after the mission.

After a successful mission of Chandrayan 2 mission was done by India, they planned the Chandrayan 3 mission by the year. Due to some countries’ issues, the mission has been postponed to mid-2023. So this mission is going to be launched in the next year 2023 August.


To end this article I would like to say that SpaceX joining hands with NASA is a big thing as they are planning a high budget plan to the moon by this year.

Not only SpaceX but many countries have planned moon missions and I hope their missions are successful.

So to conclude I would like to say that moon might be busy this year and the weight would be increase due to the number of satellites on the moon’s surface.

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FAQ related to SpaceX Moon Mission

Q1- Is SpaceX planning a mission to the moon?

Ans1- Yes, SpaceX is planning a mission to the moon.

Q2- How much will SpaceX moon trip cost?

Ans2- NASA gave the contract to SpaceX for $2.9 billion to use Starship to take astronauts from lunar orbit to the surface of the moon.

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