Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches two Starlink missions successfully less than 24 hours

SpaceX the unstoppable company, have completed two back to back Starlink missions launches less than 24 hours, the missions were done on the same day with different launches, they have delivered 106 satellites to low Earth orbit. Does this mission and the plan looks crazy, more than hundred satellites in an hours. To know more about the mission and continuous launches, read the full article given below.

Two Starlink Missions in 24 hours

The SpaceX falcon 9 rocket that were launched on few hours, have successfully delivered 106 Starlink satellites to the earth orbit.

They had the difference for few hours between the launches of the mission, they were even slight delayed, and the missions were Starlink 4-13 and Starlink 4-15, which launched on 6.07 pm on May 13th and the other one at 4.40 pm on May 14th.

It entered the final stretch, and the launching of both the Starlink missions were smoothly done and both the Falcon 9 rockets ultimately lifted off without a hitch.

Mission 4-13 was launched from Vandenberg with 53 Starlink satellites and mission 4-15 was launched from Cape Canaveral with another 53 satellites.

The series of the rockets began with Starlink 4-13 on Friday. SpaceX chooses its best rocket Falcon 9 B1063 to support the Starlink launch and the power booster that will do the job well, the rocket did its fifth launch since 2020 November, with a rare landing ship.

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East to West

Starlink Satellite
(Credit- Teslarati)

SpaceX have permanently transferred OCISLY from the East Coast to the west coast in mid-2021. The drone ship have supported five powerful boosters and the recovery stage of the rockets. From the usual East Coast launch that happened in 2021 May, the rocket have done primarily been tasked with the supporting of the SpaceX west coast launches.

The only oldest launch pad of the SpaceX Vandenberg Space Force base complex, the west coast pad is consider as the rarer than eastern coast pad.

SpaceX have also taken the used pad, which is optimal location that will launch towards satellite that Earth’s Orbit Poles, the launching servers of the Starlink satellites are more ordinary and capable of the two Florida launch sites.

Both the Starlink are more or less identical, they have regard both the 53 Starlink V1.5 satellites into the orbit into the fourth of five Starlink orbital Shells that will make the certification of the License constellation.

They have completed 15 missions that are carried a total of 860 Starlink satellites into the orbit, solar storm had destroyed almost all the launch worth of the satellites but 8 remain operations in orbit.

Future of Starlink Missions

More than 300 Group of the 4 Starlink satellites have reached the operations of the orbits, and 500 satellites have raised into the orbits waiting for the signal to move.

May 2022, the first Shell of the SpaceX first Starlink constellation has more than 1500 operations in the Starlink satellites of the nominal 1584. All the working of the 4 satellites currently in orbit that become operational, the SpaceX have first Starlink constellation around 3400 satellites that have been working in the earth orbit and be more than three quarters by the end of 2022.

Following Starlink 4-13 and 4-15 SpaceX have completing 20 launches in the first month of 2022 and have another two launches scheduled in the last two weeks of this months.

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To conclude

SpaceX have all the appearance in pushing the vehicle and workforce to the absolute limits of 2022 to bid more 60 orbital launches.

They have made the unprecedented decision of the debut and a brand new booster of the Falcon 9 on the internal mission, they have just the fully customer that have been reusable.

The missions looks unique and fast and the success of them looks interesting.

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