Elon Musk: SpaceX Successfully Launched new batch of 53 Starlink Satellite into Space

SpaceX have launched 53 Starlink Satellite, which have landed Falcon 9 rocket at sea after making the record of tying 12th Flight. This mission is marked as the 111 landing mission of the SpaceX, to know more about the mission, read the full article given below.

Many Launches Of Starlink Satellite

SpaceX have launched more than four dozen of the Starlink internet satellites into the earth’s orbit that took off on Friday that made the record of tying the 12th flight for the Falcon 9 reusable rocket. This mission is also marked as the 111th mission for the SpaceX to bring back the rocket back to earth, basically, it is 111 mission to launch and landing.

This rocket is filled with two stages, the one with top stage that contained around 53 Starlink internet satellites that lit up the pre-dawn sky that above the Florida that got lifted off from Pad 39A of NASA Kennedy Space Centre that is in Florida at Friday at 5.42 am.

This mission was marked as the 12th launch for this Falcon 9 first stage, which made the record of the 12 time of reusable of the rockets.

The rocket that was launched on Friday, flied the SpaceX successfully that landed the booster on the drone ship of the Shortfall of Gravities, which was stationed off the Florida coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

53 Starlink Mission on the Space

Starlink Satellite is SpaceX huge mission that is growing in the constellation of broadband satellites. This Company has launched 2400 Star link Satellites space craft on the date this year.

They have launched around 10 SpaceX launches out of 18 launches happened in 2022 that have been dedicated Starlink Missions.

Friday’s launch have marked the 45th Starlink mission in the space since their beginning in 2019, SpaceX manger Ian McCullough looked quite glad about the mission success happening and even talked about the future missions that SpaceX will do.

He further added that there will be more such flights that will come. They have planned a next generation version of the Star link which is already providing the internet service to the variety of localise in the globe. The next aims could be around 30000 satellites launch in different vehicles and this looks like a big hectic and profitable work for SpaceX.

As the Falcon 9 launch tally report of 2022, the big mission is going to be the big year for SpaceX.

Last month they were particularly busy having the launch of six missions in the April, which even included AX-1 mission that was the first ever all private crew flight to the International Space Station and Crew-4, SpaceX Latest astronaut flight was the orbital lab for NASA.

According to the McCullough in an interview said that, they are working on the reuse enabling of our increased launch cadence, that they are able to support one launch per week. This looks insane! They are launching two mission AX-1 and Crew-4 mission this month.

Ax-1 will come back to the Earth after a 15 days stay in the space station. The Crew-4 mission was launched on April 27 and will be on space for the six months.

Mc said that they are adding more 40 crew missions in the upcoming days, or till probably next 12 months.

Starlink Satellite
The aftermath of a SpaceX Starlink launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 6, 2022 sprawls across the sky before dawn in this stunning view. (Image credit: SpaceX / space.com)

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To conclude this article, I would like to say that SpaceX is not just touching sky but is touching and collecting Stars. There missions are on Fire and they look quite hard working for the missions. They are enjoying the success and now are planning a big mars mission with NASA this year, this looks interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. When will SpaceX launch its next Crew mission?

Ans – SpaceX have launched Crew-3 mission in November 2021, and have launched Crew 4 mission in the 27th April, there next Crew mission is going to be launched in June that might carry 4 astronauts to the ISS and bring back few astronauts back to earth.

Que 2. How many missions are offered to SpaceX In the Future?

Ans – Around 30000 missions of the satellites from the private company has been offered to SpaceX that will be launched in the upcoming mission.

Que 3. Will SpaceX earn good amount after the launch of Satellite?

Ans- After getting the order around 30000 satellites from the private companies, they will surely earn in billions making their budget tight for the Next century.

Que 4. What are SpaceX missions in this month?

Ans – SpaceX is going to launch AX1 mission this week and Crew 4 mission that included around 6 missions in the total.

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