SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket launches record 12 Mission Successfully

About the Mission

The Falcon 9 Rocket created by SpaceX, is breaking records by its great reusability, this rocket was launched on 19th March 12th time on Saturday and came back successfully back to earth, this is really amazing and a great success earned by SpaceX that a rocket which already had 11 missions before is reusable and set a record for 12th time.

This rocket was launched on 19th March carrying 53 of SpaceX Starlink internet satellites to lower earth’s orbit, this rocket flew from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and landed back into sea after a successful mission.  

This rocket previously took a flight before in June 2019 that lifted the RADARSAT constellation mission doing the work for Canadian Space Agency and then did the Demo 2 mission to the international space station in 2020 May. Then following the same year 2020 in December this rocket launched SXM-7 satellite for SiriusXM and then did the eight other Missions which were related to starlinks.

The SpaceX falcon 9 is providing to do missions around the world, this broadway is providing a quick services including Ukraine, whose communications system were damaged due to Russian force.

They have helped Ukraine, by sending Starlink terminals and other hardware to war tone zone and they were even being thanked for this gratefulness mission by the Ukraine government. They were not only applauded by Ukraine government but were also Applauded around the world.this shows that this mission is setting more records not only in space but also around the world by providing great service during the time when countries like Ukraine needed much help.

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The Starlink missions are not done yet, SpaceX wants this mission to grow more as this company has now got a permission to launch around 12000 Starlink satellites, and now they have sent approval to international regulator to allow them launching around 30000, this looks like SpaceX and Elon Musk don’t want to stop and set as much as new records they can set.

Uniqueness of Falcon 9 Rocket

Falcon 9 Rocket

As on 2021 jan, Falcon 9 Rocket has the more number of launches compared to other U.S rockets and this rocket is even certified for transporting humans to space as this rocket is only a commercial rocket to launch humans to orbit.

Falcon 9 Rocket has set around 40 missions to manifest, this rocket was named after Star war millennium rocket and the 9 was after nine Merlin engines.

This rocket has launched 12 reusable missions and all the twelve has achieved a great success, Falcon9 has 29 recovered boosters with three missions and four boosters that has been used in previous 12th mission.

Currently Falcon 9 Rocket, has drown around 91 missions out of which all the missions were successful in their way some by providing objects and equipment’s to space station and some to low earth’s orbit and coming and landing back successfully.

All the hard work and services success goes to the scientist of SpaceX who work were day and night for the success of the company and providing their great ability to reach this heights of Falcon 9 Rocket.


SpaceX has a set new rules for rocket reusability. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket is really taking good heights and achieving a lot of things in a span of time. The reusable method of making the rockets will help the companies not only in cost saving but also in time saving of building new rockets.

This reusable rockets will save time of scientist and help them in the progress of upcoming missions. Falcon 9 is also not done yet, SpaceX is aiming more missions on this rocket in the upcoming days,    and this rocket in upcoming time will help in providing satellites and other equipment’s in the space.

Finally, Falcon 9 has brought a new light on the space industry and keep making history in the coming times.

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