SpaceX Crew-3 Astronauts return to Earth

SpaceX Crew-3 Astronauts have depart from the International space station to return home after living six months in space, to know more about the mission and their home coming, read the full article given below.

Crew-3 Astronauts return to Earth

Crew-3 Astronauts are scheduled to touch the earth’s surface of the Florida coast in early Friday morning at 6th May.

Crew-3 Dragon capsule that is named Endurance, have undocked the International Space Station May 5th at 1.20 am, ending the mission after staying six months on space.

The four passengers that are NASA astronauts Thomas Marsh Burn, Kayla Barron and Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer the only European Space Agency astronaut in the mission.

They are having a roughly 24 hour’s space journey ahead of them for their trip back to the earth. They are planned to land on the water surface of the Florida coast on Friday May 6th at 12.43 am.

Crew-3 Mission History Recap

SpaceX launched the crew mission called Crew-3 on November 11th with arriving at the space station on the same day, being launching, flying and reaching on the same day looks quite good speed that is developed by the SpaceX.

The Crew-3 Astronauts had to spend around six months on the space station in the orbit, working on many missions and the scientific researches they were assign. They even have to conduct three spacewalks, that was done by Marsh Burn and Barron on Dec 2nd and Barron and Raja on March 15 and last spacewalk was done by Barron and Raja on 22nd March.

 This mission is the most time spent by any crew’s mission in the history. They even made the history by witnessing the last month with the arrival of AX-1, which was the first crew mission done on a private crewed mission to the ISS. This private mission was done by the Houston Company Axiom Space and flown by SpaceX team that sent the four astronauts in to the orbital lab for around two week stay on April 9th.

How to Mission Happened

Crew-3 Astronauts return
Credit – SpaceX

SpaceX crew 4 mission arrived at the ISS on 27th April, just after the three days the Ax-1 got departure from the space. The Crew astronauts were expected to live for   months on space in the abroad orbiting lab, they did it well because of their professional ability and well experience and mind set.

Crew-3 mission four astronauts were assign with the work they had to do with their ability, while Barron, Raja and Maurer were doing their first space mission and Marsh Burn was doing its second mission in the space.

Marsh burn was assign as the commander of the mission as earlier he has done the commanding of orbiting outpost mission by Russia Space agency. He has officially handed the remains and promise of the ISS over to Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyey during the period of changing of command ceremony on Wednesday on May 4th.

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Future and the conclusion

As the name of the mission Crew-3 Mission this was the third orbital crew mission that SpaceX admitted to the ISS for NASA. Boeing is one more mission that is coming up having the same aim with the contract with NASA. This mission will be done on CST100 star liner capsule.

Star liner is getting ready for the mission that will uncrewed test flight to the orbital lab, which will be scheduling around May 19.

If all goes according to the plan, the Orbital test flight test 2, the capsule will likely be cleared to start carrying astronauts in the near future.

About Crew-3 Mission, the astronauts are totally well and have done the successful work they were assign to do on space, they all look healthy and the mission looks touching sky.

SpaceX have started the work of the Crew 5 mission that will be launching by this year. The upcoming missions by the SpaceX looks quite interesting and they are even in the talk with NASA for a big mission.

FAQ related to Crew-3 Astronauts

Q1- What is SpaceX crew Dragon mission?

Ans- SpaceX Crew Dragon mission is designed on a special space craft that have the modern technology and advance techniques that are needed for a space craft. This capsule do the Crew missions from the launch to fly and to bring back safely to the Earth. The recent mission that was done on Dragon Capsule is Crew 3 mission that came back to earth safely after spending six months on space.

Q2- What is SpaceX Crew missions?

Ans- SpaceX have named there crew mission as CREW1 , CREW2, CREW3 and the mission that just got launched last month was CREW4. They send around 4 to 5 astronauts in a single mission to ISS and they assign them with many experiments and the works they have to do from Space.

Q3- When did Next SpaceX crew mission?

Ans- May 6th Crew 3 members are back to earth and the Crew 4 mission got launch last month to ISS. The next Crew mission by SpaceX is Crew 5 mission that would be launched by mid-2022.

Q4- Where was SpaceX Crew-3 splashed down?

Ans- SpaceX Crew 3 mission was splashed down at Florida coast on May 6th after bidding fare well to ISS on 5th May.

Q5-  How many astronauts were there in the Crew-3 Mission?

Ans- There were around 4 astronauts in the CREW 3 mission, there were 3 NASA astronauts and one was a European Astronaut who took the lead of the mission. To know more about the astronauts read the article given.

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