SpaceX Crew-3 Astronauts launch mission for NASA

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-3 Astronauts are in the orbit following their launch to the International Space Station on their third commercial mission abroad the microgravity laboratory. The international crew took off from the earth at 9.03 p.m. EST on Wednesday from Launch Complex 39A from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The astronauts that are assigned with NASA’s + SpaceX mission are Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, and Kayla Barron as well as they have a European Space Agency astronaut named Matthuias Maurer, into the orbit to begin a six months mission of science in the space station. 

launch mission for NASA

The mission is the debut first space flight for astronauts like Raja, Kayla, and maurer and this mission is the third flight for the Marshburn. Tom is the sixth person from the earth that is taking a flight on three different spacecraft.

During crew dragon flight, SpaceX will contact and control the crew from automatic spacecraft from its mission center in Hawthorne and California and the NASA teams will monitor and control their crew from their mission center agency at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

MR. Nelson said that Raja, Kayla, Thomas, and Mattias are on their way to the International Space station just a few days after the Crew 2 returns back to the earth, he even said that he is seeing the power of American ingenuity right before his eyes.

He even further added that NASA’s partnership with SpaceX is very crucial for cutting-edge research and this step is also a big thing for such international collaboration. This mission will bring together the centers around the world. He is quite excited about the mission as he showed good hope in the interview.

The Crew Dragon will fly from November 11 around 7.10 pm on Thursday from the Forward port of the Station. NASA TV and NASA app will have a live stream about the mission and will show everything from hatch opening to welcome celebration from the crew in the outpost.

NASA has kept a strict eye on the safety of the Crew and they have continued access to space taking responsibility on their shoulders. This mission will be a long-duration mission and NASA says their crew is quite excited about this mission. They will take care of their take-off to safe come back. 

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Crew-3 Astronauts

Crew-3 Astronauts
Space mission vector illustration. Astronaut in outer space and waves hand.

The commander of the Crew-3 Astronauts mission is given to Chari. He is responsible for all the phases from the flight to launch and then re-entry. He will also serve as an Expedition 66 flight engineer abroad. This mission will be the first spacecraft flight for chari and earlier, he was selected as a NASA astronaut back in 2017. He has accumulated more than 2500 hours of flight in his whole career.

Marshburn is assigned as the head pilot of the Crew Dragon spacecraft and second-in-command for the mission. He is overall responsible for spacecraft systems and performance during the mission. He will serve as an Expedition head to the 66 flight engineers out in space and is scheduled to assume command of the station for Expedition 67.

 Barron is assigned the job of mission specialist in the Crew-3 Astronauts mission. She will work closely with the pilots and the commanders during the dynamic launch and the re-entry to the earth. She will become a flight engineer once they are aboard the station. This mission will also be Barron’s first mission to space. Fun fact that Barron is even the head of the US navy and she has served in the missions that earlier were related to the Navy.

Finally, Maurer will be in the mission specialist job in the Crew-3 Astronauts mission. He also will become a long-duration crew member in the space flight.

All information above shows that this mission is very important in the life of all the crew members who are doing this mission. Hard work over a lot of years is showing that now they will be an important member in the upcoming missions, with their gain in the experience from this mission they might be assigned more work in the future from both the sides, even from NASA and also from SpaceX.


This mission is an important step for space agencies as two important members are joining hands in the mission. This might get a big advantage for the humans to explore the space in the future.

The crew has started their training for the mission and they look quite very excited about the mission. They are assigned important jobs and I hope they do this with all their best abilities. This crew mission will take off in November 2022.  

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