NASA and SpaceX: How is SpaceX Different from NASA? [2022]

NASA is the best space agency in the world, the place where space dreams were born and achieved. The first step that was taken to the moon or the famous Hubble Telescope, all come under the great NASA and now where the legacy has been continued, the company that is brought by the ideas and dreams of a crazy man SpaceX, one of the space agency is our past and present and another one is our future. Today we are going talk about NASA and SpaceX. Please read the full article given below.


Both the space agency’s come under the United States, and they both have the same aim, making our living better, NASA has played an important role in the growth of this field and SpaceX is the future of this field, the comparison between these companies are quite very tough as they both are important for our growth towards space.

The main difference that is seen between them is that NASA is a Government Company and SpaceX is a company owned by the private owner Elon Musk. Both infrastructures are for space and spacecraft missions. They have the same aims with different prospective.

NASA thinks about the moon and the earth’s orbit missions whereas the Musk Company thinks about Mars and other planets missions. This company was founded to the expenses in space transportation can be reduced by the manufacturing reusable equipment. 

NASA is referred to as the father of SpaceX. It was founded on 29th July 1958 and SpaceX was founded on 6th May 2002. Both the headquarters are located in the USA, NASA in Washington DC and SpaceX in California.

About NASA 

NASA is the company that was founded by the US government having the aim to touch the sky. It continued all the missions and the plans of the US company of space called NACA.

The main aims during that time were moon landings and satellite launches that research more about the planets around us. 

The two main famous missions that were done by the company was the Moon landing which was the firstly done by anyone, Neil Armstrong was the first man to touch the feet on the moon’s surface. The second most famous mission is the Hubble telescope mission, the telescope that is still working after so many years in other galaxies, providing still data and research, you can imagine how great the work is done by the NASA.

NASA is the home for many scientists and astronauts, whenever a child thinks to be an astronaut, he only aims for NASA. 

The main mission that is done by the NASA is the Apollo moon mission. NASA next mission is the lunar Gateway and they have also developed the Earth Observing System to study the different aspects to the earth to help in our growth.

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How spaceX different from NASA

About SpaceX 

SpaceX was established with the vision of reducing transportation costs by a crazy man Elon Musk. This company is widely known for the manufacturing of spacecraft and advanced rockets. The industry now serves as the communication and the aerospace.

The great success of the company is Falcon heavy rocket and Falcon 9 launch vehicle, the Starlink communication satellites with more and more other advanced engines, and now the Dragon capsule.

Falcon 9 is marked as the best success of the company making more than 12 reusable missions. They are flown severe times and be reused with a very advanced rocket.

This company saves billions of dollars with this project and has around a home for 9500 people who work here and consider this company as their own and give all their love and sweat for the success of this company.

All the rocket missions are done for other companies in exchange for money but for their plan they have aim for building human society on Mars. They want to be the first company to put its flags on the Mars.

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The main difference between the NASA and SpaceX 

The main difference between about the company is their planet missions, NASA aims for Moon and think to build their community on Moon and SpaceX thinks about Mars, and builds their company in mars.  

NASA was formed with the space missions aims and Space X was born to make the sufficient level of the rockets that launch satellites into the earth’s orbit.

SpaceX is the current hero, doing continuous successful missions and growing good profit in their pocket. NASA was always our hero having planning to make our place better.

They are now collaborating to take the researches in other levels, SpaceX has launched many missions of NASA and they help each other in many ways. 

Our future is totally in their hands and they are great shoulders of the space missions.


Human beings are at the peak of development and all the credit go to both the great companies, they have the possible long road for the missions.

They are in aim of finding more planets and building our second home rather the earth. Their technology is touching the sky with the great scientist in their team.

These organizations are possible with the great minds behind them, and many passionate people who have built this companies and our whole world is thankful to them and their brilliant minds behind them.

The mission of these companies looks going and the development has never stopped together. 

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