NASA and SpaceX stand down on new Dragon cargo launch mission – Reason behind the delay

NASA and SpaceX are already doing some missions together and here SpaceX and NASA is About to launch a new Dragon cargo launch mission. Please read all details about this mission.

NASA and SpaceX’s Dragon cargo launch

Dragon cargo launch mission
SpaceX’s Cargo Dragon spacecraft is lifted aboard a recovery vessel after splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida on Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021. (Image credit: SpaceX/

NASA and SpaceX together planned to launch a Dragon cargo spacecraft this month. A Dragon cargo ship is a space ship that works in delivering essential hardware and crew supplies to the International Space Station. It is a reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX and the previous version of this spacecraft is launched into orbit by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Why is NASA and SpaceX’s Dragon cargo launch mission delayed?

After all the planning was made and the spacecraft is set to launch, a problem arose all of a sudden. So, SpaceX’s most special Dragon cargo spacecraft launch has been delayed. However, the main reason behind the delay is because of the leaking fuel in the Dragon spacecraft. NASA and SpaceX announced that the launch will be delayed for at least a few more weeks as a proper inspection of the spacecraft has to be done.

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Delay in NASA and SpaceX’s Dragon cargo launch mission

SpaceX dragon Cargo launch Mission
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NASA and SpaceX together revealed that the spacecraft had a problem during its prelaunch phase. It is because, during the prelaunch of the spacecraft, the loading of hypergolic propellants caused some problems. NASA also mentioned in its reports that there are elevated vapor readings of mono-methyl hydrazine(MMH) present during the prelaunch of the spacecraft.

What is the main problem in the Dragon cargo launch mission?

The prelaunch stage of the spacecraft resulted in higher readings of MMH which is a volatile fuel that is used by SpaceX to keep the Dragon cargo spacecraft in its respective altitude and orbit. Even though the previous date of launch is scheduled for June 12, the date is now postponed until a few weeks till the problem gets solved.

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Fuel leak problem of the Dragon cargo spacecraft

This is not the first time NASA is facing an issue with the fuel leak problems while launching their satellites. The same problem has been repeated previously with the other satellite launches as well. During the month of April, the agency faced the same problem as it had to delay the rehearsal for the launch of its very expensive moon rocket. The reason behind the day is the same – the fuel leak, which was discovered while looking at a valve issue in the spacecraft.

The Space Agency’s statement

According to a recent statement given by NASA, high readings of mono-methyl hydrazine (MMH) readings were recorded during the process of loading the propellant for the Cargo Dragon spacecraft. There has been an offloading of the propellant and the oxidizer immediately after the problem arose. However, to allow further inspections and testing no more loading of the propellant and oxidizer will take place.

What is the source of the problem that arose in the Dragon cargo spacecraft?

Dragon cargo spacecraft (Credit - SpaceX /
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches a robotic Dragon cargo spacecraft on the CRS-21 resupply mission for NASA on Dec. 7, 2020. (Image credit: SpaceX/

The Dragon spacecraft uses Dragon thrusters to maneuver in orbit. SpaceX in a recent announcement said that it is working with NASA to identify the source of the elevated readings and is planning to take any necessary and corrective action possible. On Tuesday morning, the Mission Control in Houston informed astronauts on board the International Space Station that the spacecraft launch won’t take place any time before June 28.

What will the Dragon cargo spacecraft by NASA and SpaceX carry?

The NASA and SpaceX’s Dragon cargo spacecraft launch could have been the third successful launch of the Cargo Dragon spacecraft if this attempt was a success. SpaceX and NASA are showing much interest as they want to find out what caused the leak before its next astronaut launch later this year. In addition to this, the capsule has many things in common with the Crew Dragon, as Ars Technica points out. However, the spacecraft does not carry any humans or astronauts to the space station.


Rockets and spacecraft from SpaceX have been made more reusable than ever before – but it may be that some of the company’s hardware is beginning to show its age. NASA has a plan to study the issue deeply as the Draco thrusters used in the Dragon cargo spacecraft are similar to the ones sued in the Cargo Drago spacecraft that are to be launched in the future. So, a lot of time and effort is needed to do all this work.

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Que 1. Is SpaceX launch delayed?

Ans. The launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 carrying a crew of 4 people is delayed for about more than a month.

Que 2. Why did SpaceX launch get cancelled?

Ans. SpaceX mentioned that the reason behind the delay is the bad weather conditions present during the rocket launch.

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