Elon Musk Mars Mission: Time to change the living planet for millions of human by 2050s

People around the world are very much excited to see SpaceX Mars Mission growing continuously and achieving a number of goals. Recently SpaceX is also becoming popular for its starship that carries humans from Earth to Mars and its new momentum of building Starbase 2 at Cape Canaveral. However, there is still a lot of time left to see Elon Musk Mars mission system in full swing.

In its grand scheme of plans, SpaceX has many orbital starship launches including starship missions that are used to take humanity back to the surface. These missions also include deep space flights to the moon even for very long durations. However, people on the other hand have a lot of questions about how humans can actually survive for such a long duration of travel in the spacecraft.

What is the update regarding Starbase 2?

SpaceX’s starship development scheme has been one of the major eye-catching plans that most people are interested in, over the past few years. Even though the test flights delayed the activity at Starbase in preparing for the first orbital flight test, Reports say that the overall starship production is again getting in pace. Even a massive Starfactory facility is being built up in Boca Chica and the Starbase 2 has started taking its shape in Cape Canaveral.

Mars Mission
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How will humans survive during the long period of the journey when they do Mars Travel

The journey to Mars requires a lot of time even if the spacecraft travels really fast when compared to the other spacecraft that are launched to date. So people are really focused on what kind of environment the travelers will be kept in, during the journey. However, Elon Musk has his own plans of arranging the best hospitality for all the travelers that travel by Starship.

Recently reports popped up that each Starship would contain individual cabins where a person can have his own personal space during the whole travel. On the other hand, there are also many meet up spots present in the Starship where people can sit together and eat while having a talk.

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What are the major problems that are faced during the earth to Mars travel?

There are many problems that the mission must overcome including the radiation problem, the long distance between earth and mars, the gravitational problems, and also the environments that might be hostile or closed. However, the first and the most dangerous problem is radiation. The earth that we are living on has a very good magnetic field that helps in protecting every being that lives on earth.

Mars Mission

Since people are traveling far from earth to spacecraft they will be bombarded by high-energy ionizing radiation. There are also chances of the radiating particles taking the electrons off atoms present within the cells in a human body.

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The Mars Human mission planned by Elon Musk may cost many things including the lives of humans in the beginning. It is because there is no guarantee for the safety of life of the humans that are first sent to Mars in the spacecraft. They might encounter a lot of deadly situations that might endanger their life.

On the other hand, the journey takes a very long time because of the noticeable distance between earth and mars. Finally, there is also another problem keeping in mind the environment that is present on Mars and if it is hospitable or not. So all these problems might affect SpaceX’s Mars Human mission.

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