Mounting Evidence shows – SpaceX’s Starlink Gen 2 environmental review is needed, says Viasat

Mounting evidence that has been seen in the needs for Starlink Gen 2 environmental review. SpaceX has more plans to launch a lot of numbers of satellites in the upcoming days. To know more about the Viasat and the SpaceX plans read the full article given below.

Viasat vs. SpaceX 

SpaceX has launched around 500 Starlink satellites in the year 2022. They are doing great work in launching their satellites into orbit. They are even helping Ukraine during the time by the Starlink satellite. Despite having a serious warning from Russia, they have launched the satellites as per their plan.

 SpaceX is finding evidence in mounting a need to perform the environmental review before getting the SpaceX plans approval to add nearly 30000 satellites to its constellation. This was said by the Viasat on 2nd May, they are the competitors of the SpaceX.

Viasat, vice president, and the deputy chief of the government affairs, Jarrett Taubman, said in a letter that SpaceX should not be allowed to expand its network while the light pollution issues are getting surrounding and its deployed satellites remain unresolved. He showed all his anger against Musk Company and even showed jealousy against the company by complying about them to the regulator. 

While taking the call for the environmental review Viasat made for its Starlink current satellite of this generation in 2020 December, they were badly rejected by the regulator. Taubman said that SpaceX is growing their plan to send their satellites in orbit more than seven times, he even further added that this would affect the aesthetic, social, cultural, scientific and health effects on the human society on the earth. This clearly shows their anger and hate against the company.

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More about their hate and anger 

Mounting Evidence

SpaceX has already planned to deploy more than half of the 4408 Starlink satellites, and the FCC has approved them to operate at altitudes of around 550 km.

The Musk Company is seeking FCC permission for the more prominent constellation of the second generation Starlink that is proposed to operate at a low altitude between 340 to 614 km to improve their performance. 

Viasat And their astronauts are continuously complaining about the problems that might be seen due to satellites so close to the earth’s atmosphere. They are mentioning about the light population that might happen due to this.

By rejecting the Viasat petition earlier to conduct the environmental review on the Starlink, the FCC has allowed SpaceX to continue their work that even closed to the surface, with astronomers to mitigate the brightness and the sharpness of the light of its satellite. 

SpaceX has said that it has seen the incorporation visors on the Starlink Satellites that will prevent the sunlight from reflecting on them and implement other safety measures to reduce interference with the astronomers.

About the FCC permission to the SpaceX

But in the May 2nd, the FCC letter by the Taubman said that these efforts are not having fully mitigated, or safety measures promised by the Musk Company have not been done completely, they are only aiming at the light population happening.

He further added that the mounting evidence that even includes the analysis by the independent experts and those that are not withstanding such efforts means that they want to clarify the SpaceX test with some outsider expert who can tell the accurate problems happening. 

The letter pointing to the paper astronomers was published in Nature Astronomy in April. This paper said that none of the SpaceX Starlink and other LEO constellation technology is exploding or can be fully avoided. They further mentioned that harming the astronomical astrology launches that are even satellites is only mitigation that could do this. Were they supporting the SpaceX by saying that their mission was less harmful to the environment? 

In a 8th February letter to the FCC, NASA said that SpaceX proposed Gen 2 network could be double the number of their Hubble Space Telescope that might even contain satellite steak. They are aiming at the ability of the US to detect the potential of asteroids hitting the earth. 

Future and the conclusion 

SpaceX did not gave much attention to the request that was done by the comments above, they did not stop there plan and are regularly doing their missions as per their plan.

Out of the 17 Falcon 9 mission so far in 2022, the Upcoming 10 mission out of them are the Starlink mission. They alone in the world have launched 500 satellites for the constellation. This information was given by the Jonathan McDowell. 

The Next batch of the Starlink mission will be launched in 5TH May.

To conclude the article, I would like to say that the launching of the satellites should be done but taking full care of the population and the environment. Even the Reporters should givce equal justice to all the satellite launchers.

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