Jilin-1 Gaofen Satellite: Long March 11 Successfully Launched 5 Satellite

China sends five satellites, named Jilin-1 Gaofen,to the earth’s orbits in only one launch on the rocket Long March 11 from the sea launch.

Mission for Five Jilin-1 Gaofen

One of the most advanced rockets made by China, famously known as the Long March 11 rocket, took off at noon on Saturday from the sea launch at the coast of the East China Sea. This rocket carried around five Jilin-1 Gaofen satellites into the earth’s orbit. This mission is marked by the remark of the first time that China has realized a one-stop launch mode from the nearby sea.

The Long March 11 is the only Chinese rocket that is a solid fuelled launch vehicle available for both the launching condition, from land and sea. This rocket is also known for its fast, flexible and convenient characteristics. It plays an important part in the pioneer in the field of commercial space flight in China.

The commander in chief of the rocket, Li Tongyu, noted that in the last seaborne launch mission, the rocket is needed to complete one assembly test before making it fly or transported in the future. It will also have one more test after it comes back and the process happening of the test is complicated.

Li added that, in the ways, it saves cost and is helpful with the saving but the amount saved can be used as the preparation time by streamlining the process of the rocket.

 This mission was launched from the Haiyang Oriental Aerospace Port located in Haiyang, East China Shandong Province, which supports the rocket at the time for assembling, docked with the satellites or during the test and also during the loading in the launching in only a few hours.

Plan on mind for next mission

After the spaceship arrives at the designated spot in orbit, the rocket can be launched back to return to earth within three to four days after its launch from the orbit.

The total investment for this mission was 23 billion yuan, and the area planned for the mission was around 1860 hectares. The mission basically came under the Haiyang base plan, which is a comprehensive aerospace project.

The plan of the Haiyang base includes two main programs: an industrial park and making a big port for the seaborne rocket launches system; it will also aim for the upcoming aerospace themed tourist park building in China.

The research that is conducted by the Global Times has studied that the Haiyang official has made a heavy solid rocket not only one or two but ten. These 10 rockets would be completed by this year. The construction of the rockets will be double the number in the upcoming days.

Jilin-1 Gaofen

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Future of the Mission

The long March has always proved its worth with success it provides to China. It has achieved around ten consecutive land launches, and all are successful. This rocket also includes the sea-based launches of 3 missions, and even this, all three rockets were successful. Long March 11 has created a history-making 13 consecutive successes.

This year according to the Global Times, China will launch its first vessel that supports satellite launches from the sea during the time of the delivery.

As mentioned above, China is making Long March 11 rockets more strong, making them more tough and sufficient to carry more satellites. They have aimed for around 10 heavy rockets to be made by this year.


To end the article, I would like to say that Long March 11 is one of the best rockets China has ever created, and the mission done on the rockets was totally successful.

Might by the mid of June or July, China will launch one more Long March 11 mission with some satellites to the orbits. 

Hence, the missions coming up on the long march 11 look interesting, and we hope for their excellent success.

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