Long March 11 Launched with missions from sea

What is China’s long March 11

The long March 11 or also called Chang Zheng 11 is an abbreviation LM-11 for the export or the CZ-11 within China. It is a part of long march family having four stage solid propellant carrier rocket and it is developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It was designed with the main ability to launch on short notice and it can easily launch from road vehicles and ships.
It is likely based on DF-31 missiles. The vehicle can be launched cold from a tube mounted on a road mobile vehicle.

It is origin from the country China, it has a height of 20.8 m and diameter of 2.0m having the mass of 58000 kgs. It has the capacity of 700 kgs of LEO and for SSO 350 kgs.
China’s long march 11 have sent three satellites into low earth orbits, making the rocket’s 12th consecutive success launching its 12 flights to the orbits. This rocket has even launch two missions from the sea and both were a good success. The first sea based was done on 12th June, 2019 using a large sea submarine named TAIRUI in yellow sea. It carried long march 11 carrier rocket. The second sea launch was done on September 2020.

The Wednesday mission in 2022 will be the first solid rocket launch for China. The model is expected to carry more and more flights this year, and it also include few sea launches missions.
The base of it is a comprehensive aerospace project. It is planned on a heavy investment of $3.5 billion and also 1860 hectares, this project is huge including a themed tourist park too. They are even planning to launch an industrial park and increase the port for sea launches mission.

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The carrying capacity of the rocket is also increased, now it could carry 10 heavy rockets a year, and they are even planning to construct the mission to double the carrying capacity. This look insane!
Even a new rocket is taking place apart of Long March 11 known as Smart Dragons 3. It is expected to take its first flight on 2022. It would assembled at the Haiyang assembly base.
The satellites that launched recently are Tianping -2 A, B, C which will provide effective services like environment measures, orbit forecast and models corrections.
Long march 11 is used to launch tiny satellites into orbit.

Long March 11

How does the China’s Long March 11 useful

This mission will have a great usefulness for future space missions.
It will help to achieve china’s goal to build a permanent space presence by developing and increasing its space launch capacities. They are extremely happy the mission of long march 11 June 5 sea launch that carried the sufficient flights into the orbit.
It will help as a cost saving too as it will be require less fuel to boost its energy, and as having the capacity of launching 10 and more rockets it will surely help them as a cost saver.

This mission will help China to gain information and forecast response early, this would help them in times of conflict as getting the rapid response from others. This will provide a gain for the army and force to support in times of war.
The sea based launches will also help the land geography by not disturbing their land surface too. This will also help in reducing land hazardous and saving the cost of transportation on the land.
It will help the military system to locate a launch platforms and track the other countries enemy in the future.
As a sea launch system increasing it will help china to launch more rockets from the land surface too.

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Future of Long March 11

As on 30 march 2022 long march 11 will launch three rockets Tianping-1, Tianping-2, Tianping-3. The future of long march 11 looks good as the above mention mission was successful. The more information about the mission is not much discussed by the china media or their scientific research organization.
To conclude China’s long march 11 is showing a great success and also its not only beneficial for the china but the whole world.

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