Elon Musk Starship: How long will it take for Starship to get to mars?

In today’s time evey country is trying to go to on Mars and NASA, and China’s rover already get on Mars. Elon musk is also trying to reach on mars. For the Mars Mission Elon Musk, who is the owner of SpaceX, launched Starship. To Know more about SpaceX Mars Mission and Starship, please read the full article.

What is exactly Starship

SpaceX Mars Mission, which name is Starship, is the development to fly towards Mars which was started by the founder of the company Elon Musk, to build a colonization in the Mars. This programs have bunch of plans, which includes the fully reusable vehicles, on orbit propellant tankers, rapid turnaround launch, human travelling space craft, and the rocket fuel on Mars.

SpaceX Mission to Mars has been planned to achieve the Mars by 2024, but on October 2020, Musk said the 2024 mission as the unscrewed mission. That means not by 2024 but by 2030.They will launch the first crew mission to Mars by 2024.

The Key element of the mission is to make the fully reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle that is under the development since 2018. To achieve this goal they have to build a re fuel system in Mars, so the space craft gets it second fuel on the Red Planet. The expected Payload of the mission is between 100 to 150 tons to Mars.

SpaceX have been concentred its resources on the transportation part of the Mars as the colonization process. The design of the plant based project in the Sabatier process will be deployed on Mars to synthesis methane and the liquid oxygen as the rocket system.

The rockets are planning to send water and ice on the red planet to build the water system on Mars.

Since 2016, the larger set of the Long term Mars plans, are going far beyond of what they are expecting to build the colonization that would ultimately involve many more economic factors whether they are government or private companies. This facility will be the growth of human resources on mars and make that dull planet a living place for us.

Mission Mars and the Plans

Mars Mission
Credit – SpaceX

As of 2016, the SpaceX have concentrated more on the resource and the transportation plan of the overall mars mission that will be a great architecture as well as the building of the plant sources on mars.

They have planned and started achieving the objectives by the cost saving of the transportation by building more re-usable rockets. Falcon 9 rocket by the company has done around 12 re-usable mission for the satellites and now they are planning to send this rocket even far way.

The additional SpaceX plans and the objectives, to build a sustainable human living society on Mars, the mission of the company and the fire they are working on the mission can be seen by us.

The growth of such community over the decade that we never imagined before it’s going to happen soon in the upcoming 4 to 5 years.

Many of the other private or government companies have their economic plans with the Musk mission to Mars. This looks like an independent choice of the people, some find it waste of money and some find it an advance step.

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Starship Budget and Funding

As said, many companies have started investing to Musk mission to Mars, they have now huge investors who are ready to throw millions from their pocket to start the Mars mission.

The entire project is even possible only as a result of SpaceX multi face focussing on the reduction of the cost of the entire Mars mission.

The figure they have decided for the mission is around 300 US dollar mission, that will be an order every year in 2018.

By this year 2022, they have achieved to 10billion US dollars from their Starship mission happening continuously.

Their main partner in the budget raising mission is NASA. Having regular missions and the launches with them, they have made a lot of money and now are independent for the mars mission.

I think, money cannot be the problem for the Space X as there owner Musk is the richest man in the world and the mission budget can be easily plan under his pocket.

Current status of Starship

As of 2022, the starship is developed the medium altitude flights and by the next two years, they will be reaching mars soon.

SpaceX are expecting to reach the low earth orbit in 2022, they are following the orbit refuelling 2023 mission.

The tourist mission to the moon will be launching by 2023.

By 2024 they will be ready with rocket but the mars colonization will be done by 2030.


China space station mission and the musk mars mission will be ready by 2030, so that year will be a great year for the space progress for Earth.

Many missions that are done   by the musk company looks successful and now there main eye is on the red planet.

I hope there plans are successful and they reach their hard work feat soon. So by 2030 the mars mission will be done.

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