Falcon Heavy Rocket: What happened with it? [2022]

What is Falcon Heavy Rocket

Falcon Heavy Rocket is a space transporting vehicle created by the SpaceX whose founder is Elon Musk. Falcon heavy rocket is the successor of Falcon-9 rocket, this vehicle was launched in 2018 and was specially designed to carry the weight of 1010 kg of heavy payload to the Earth’s orbit and it also would be cost saving.

Falcon Heavy Rocket is designed and manufacture by SpaceX. It is a partially reusable heavy lift vehicle and was specially made to carry a lot of weight to space, the weights were doubled the number of weights comparing their competitors. This vehicle has two Falcon 9 additional servicing stages as strap-on boosters.  This vehicle is having a third highest capacity of payload which carried the third highest carrying capacity to earth’s orbit. Any other rockets around the world has not reach this feet to carry such a heavy payload to the space.

SpaceX conducted its first Falcon Heavy Rocket launch on 6th February 2018. This rocket special carried a dummy dubbed called ‘Starman’ on the driver seat as a dummy payload and even carried a Tesla Roadster which belonged to Elon Musk. The second launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket was done on 11 April 2019, and all the rockets were successfully back to world. Their third mission was launched on 25 June 2019 and since then this rocket was certified for the National Security Space Launch program.

This rocket earlier was made to carry humans on space but after February 2018, SpaceX did not planned to carry any humans to the space, they do not act as a transport people and even didn’t carry any NASA astronauts with it. They were basically made to carry humans on space.

Information about Falcon Heavy Rocket

Falcon Heavy Rocket

Falcon Heavy Rocket was launched by SpaceX having its origin from United States and has a cost around $97 million after reusable, initially its cost was around $150 million.

It has height of 70m and mass of 1420 tons and diameter of 3.66m with width around 12.2m. It has specially 2.5 stages around.

Its payload to low earth orbit is around 63.8 tons and payload to geosynchronous transfer orbit is around 26.7 tons. It has a payload to Mars around 16.8 tons and payload of Pluto around 3.5 tons.

The main competition of this rocket is with other heavy rockets which are Delta 1V heavy, New Glenn, Saturn C-3, Vulcan, and Space launch system.

It has totally launched around 3 vehicles out of which all 3 were successful. Their landing consist of 1 center core landing, 3 attempted and other are 6 boosters landed out of which all were attempted.

It has two boosters which are powered by 9 Merlin 1D per booster. It has a maximum sea level around 7.6 MN each and vacuum around 8.2 MN and total thrust around 15.2 MN sea level and its vacuum around 16.4 MN. It has a burn time around 154 seconds.

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What happened to Falcon Heavy Rocket

As on their third launch on 25 June, the Falcon Heavy Rocket carried 24 satellites towards space with two sided boosters both landed successfully after launch, but the problem was that the booster crashed into the ocean during its live stream.

The third flight of Falcon Heavy Rocket was very important as it was carrying Department of Defense and potentially position of SpaceX, and were also carrying the important military satellite on the space. This vehicle got the responsibility of national defense and this mission was important as after this it would be certified to carry national belongings to the space in future.

To continue the progress of the rocket, the mission was tasked by Air Force providing 24 satellites into space at once. This space craft even including satellites of NASA, AIR FORCE, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also some of private companies including a university.

Having so much power into this rocket it failed due to some crash and fell into ocean during a live stream, the hopes of Falcon Heavy Rocket were broken and its future seemed in dark.

The future of this rocket

After the heavy loss of Space x due to this rocket, they decided to close this mission. Their owner Musk said that this was a big tough mission but it would have been creating history around.

Since 2021, Space X is thinking to rebuild the Falcon heavy rocket with falcon9 rocket and that would be a new face of world in upcoming days.

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