Falcon 9 : What is so Special about it?

This article is whole about Falcon 9, a vehicle by the Space X and having some great missions.

What is Falcon 9

Falcon 9 is a two stage orbit medium lift launch vehicle that is designed by the company called SpaceX in the country United States. It is a reusable vehicle specially launched using cryogenic liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene as propellants. It name was inspired by star wars space craft which was Millennium Falcon. This are made with a speciality that it can return back to earth and flown back many times.

The rocket has evolved from version 1.0 to version 1.1 from 2010 to 2015 then got version 1.2 from 2015 which is still carried on. It has block 5 full thrust variant, which is flying since 2018.

Falcon 9 is partially reusable and has a unique feature that it can has expandable launch system with a full thrust version which makes it different from other vehicles. This rocket re – enters the atmosphere and lands vertically after its separation from second stage. They received this stage on 20th December 2015 from where Space X has become the successful land booster for more than 100 times.

Falcon 9 is built different! It can carry around 22800 kg to lower earth’s orbit and 8300 kg to geo stationery when moved ahead, the heaviest GTO have been flown with around 6761 kg and a telstar 19v with a 7075 kg.

In 2008, Space X joined hands with NASA to deliver cargo into to the international space station. Their first mission together was launched on 8th October 2012. After this service, Falcon 9 was certified with National Security Space Launch program with category 3 which import and export NASA important missions.

Till Jan 2019, Falcon 9 has the most launches of transporting humans to the international space, this was a unique kind of record created by the Falcon 9. On Jan 2021, this vehicle set one more record for the most satellites launch by a company into space, that rocket was carrying around 143 satellites together into earth’s orbit.

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Some important information about Falcon 9

Falcon 9

Falcon 9 till the date was cost around $67 million and having a number of investors who are loving to invest in Space X due to their great success and good working which can be seen through their success before. It has a height about 70 m and diameter of 3.7 m. It has a mass of 549m, which is increased by 121m since version 1.

It has a payload to LEO that is 22.8 tons and can be expended to 16.25 during its landing. Its payload of 8.3 tons to geosynchronous transfer orbit and can decline to 5.5 tons during landing. Its payload to Mars transfer orbit was around 4 tons and that what remains the same during the time of landing.

Currently, the only active vehicle is FT Block 5 and other vehicles like version 1.0 and1.1 are now retired including FT Block 3 and 4.

Falcon 9 Launching sites are Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg. It has totally launch around 148 launches around which FT ones are the leading ones having 128 launches.

The best and the unique feature about Falcon 9 is that it only had 1 vehicle failure, that shows how great the working of employees that make the company a great success.

So, totally Falcon 9 have launched around 116 vehicles and out of which 107 are successfully landed back to earth.


The first reusable stage of Falcon 9 was Grass hopper Rocket, this test vehicle was 8 times tested with vertical landing, including 79 second round trip to earths orbit around 744 m above the sea level.

In 2013 March Falcon 9 was ready with its sixth flight where the first stage was equipped as a controlled test vehicle and was instrumented well.

After that time SpaceX continued with such test over there used vehicles and then they never looked back having the same test after that. They now know how to do it right.


Falcon 9 has got a great success before and after the heavy success of their owner Elon Musk its popularity has increased to double.

They are now planning to break their own record of carrying 143 satellites to increase the number of that with making more powerful vehicle with having more payloads and capacity.

Hence, SPACEX is showing a good faith in Falcon 9 and their mission together will have a good impact in their future.

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