Falcon 9 launch of Dragon and Crew 4 Astronauts

SpaceX is launching its second crew launch mission, which name is Crew 4 Astronauts mission, in less than three weeks and this mission will be done on a Dragon Capsule known as Freedom. To get more information about the mission read the full article.

Crew 4 Astronauts Mission

Cape Canaveral, Fla, bringing the company’s total crew flight tally mission total to seven, SpaceX have successfully launched its fourth mission to International Space Station into the orbit for NASA befor the dawn Wednesday.

The mission of SpaceX currently lifted off Dragon Capsule called Freedom that carried the Crew 4 Astronauts having a Launch pad 39A at NASA Kennedy Space Center and launched a two stage falcon 9 rocket on 27th April.

The Dragon passengers that travelled are Kjell lindgren, Robert Hines and Jessica Watkins and have a European Space Agency’s astronauts named Samantha Cristoforretti and they were schedule to take a flight around on 8.15 p.m. at 27th April. 

Lindgren in an interview said that it is a privilege to fly on a new vehicle called Freedom and he is quite excited and looking forward for this mission.

About 9.5 minutes after the launch of the rocket, Falcon 9 first stage B1067 got designated successfully on SpaceX drone ship that is known as A Shortfall of Gravitas in the Atlantic Ocean after completing fourth booster flight.

SpaceX previously launched Crew-3 flight and the CRS-22 a cargo mission for NASA, including a satellite mission known as Tuksat 5B in June, November and December of 2021. B1067 is expected to return back on earth to Port Canaveral abroad in the upcoming future.

The mission that was launched by SpaceX on April 8th that was Crew-4 mission is about to heel on another astronaut mission that was flown by SpaceX Axiom 1 and this mission splashed down on the coast off Jacksonville, in Florida on Monday afternoon 25th April. This launch made a mark and history for SpaceX which has now launched two missions of crew on the same pad within the three week.

Crew-4 Astronauts
Credit- SpaceX

The mission of Crew 4 Astronauts was launched back due to Ax-1 delayed from the departure at ISS, the original schedule to lift off was a week earlier.

The fact that both the mission of Dragon capsules were kept slated to occupy the same docking point on the space station. Both the companies NASA and SpaceX supported the personal want to two days before Ax1 return back and the launch of Crew 4 mission.

Kathy lueders, NASA human space flight chief, wrote in a tweet recently that complete data reviews and stage recovery assets. She even wrote later that 39 hours between operations gives us much time to finish the work. This shows that the scientist of NASA are putting their sweat to complete the work at time.

Carla Koch, the certificate manager for the commercial crew of NASA, said that SpaceX is about to check undergo highlights of the AX1 mission, and the Dragon parachute deployed systems.

A lag in parachute system was observed during the time of return to Earth of several previous SpaceX missions that showed a problem in the Crew 2 and the private Inspiration 4 flight as well showed problem in the robotic Dragon Capsule to the ISS. But in the end it showed full safety of the dragon capsule and rockets that were back to the earth.

A reflection that showed how far we’ve come. The “new generation” that includes mission specialist Jessica Watkins, in stark contrast to what was possible in the America of 1961 that made Watkins becomes the first Black woman to complete a long stay aboard in the ISS. 

The Crew-4 astronauts will spend around six month on the ISS space station, stint during which they will occupy their time was more than 200 experiments of the science, at least of two NASA astronaut spacewalks and with a possibility for upcoming mission specialist Cristoforetti to take the lead in a spacewalk mission with Russian crew members. 

 September 2022, following the launch of Crew-5, Freedom is scheduled to return back to Earth with a splashdown in half a dozen qualified landing sites on the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean.

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The mission that are done by NASA and SpaceX together are making great success and making histories together, it’s a great time for us that both the best space agencies are working together and making a great contribution in the growth of the world.

I am quite excited about Crew 5 mission that will happen in September 2022, because many of the scientist have said that this mission is going to be quite new things coming up.

NASA and SpaceX are looking forward and try their best for their upcoming mission together.  

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