Falcon 9 launch 53 Starlink Satellite into orbit

‘There are millions of stars in the sky but SpaceX star is going with the 53rd fly’.

SpaceX have launched Starlink on 21st April despite getting war threats from Russia.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was lifted-off at 11:21 pm (IST) that carried around 53 Starlink Satellites from the launching centre known as Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

53 Starlink Satellite Mission to Sky

SpaceX aims to launch new Starlink satellites from the launching centre called the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on April 21st.

The Falcon 9 rocket will lift off at the time 11:21 pm (IST) that will carry 53 Starlink Satellites to boost the internet providing constellation from the orbit. This upcoming launch will be a record-making one as the boosters used will be used for the 12th orbital mission happening soon.

Initial scheduled time for the mission was around at 8:44 pm (IST), but the lift-off was delayed due to the time mentioned above to lousy weather. 

Currently, at the orbit, SpaceX has around 2,300 Starlink Satellites, and the company wants to increase the number to 30,000.

The company aims to break the record number of launches of the highest number of launches in a year and is strictly following its plan.

SpaceX has conducted a total of 14 missions in the year 2022, eight of the missions have been for Starlink. Late last month, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk revealed that the company would conduct around 60 launches in the year 2022 and over 4,200 Starlink satellites will be launched within the next 18 months.

No Fear for Russia, No stopping them 

SpaceX moved ahead despite Russia’s warning of war against the U.S.

SpaceX’s next launch will be done within ten days as it last completed mission the NROL-85 launched on April 17th.

 Additionally, the Starlink missions have been for the 12th time for this particular Falcon 9 booster mission, giving equal level to another launch that have set the record last month.

 However, this launch was the first for Starlink, after Russia ordered a deadly warning to destroy the satellites flying over its territory, including the special military operational zones and the Black Sea area.

The Elon Musk lead firm is assisting Ukraine with the help of its internet services through Starlink satellites. 

Earlier, a report by Times of London claimed that the Ukraine’s special drone unit was destroying Russia’s weapons using Starlink internet. As for Russia’s death threat still followed the Ukraine sank, the Russian warship named Moskva got stationed in the Black Sea.

 However, Ukrainians have used Musk’s internet services and they are thankful for the assistance given by Musk and his company to Ukraine.

The help they have given to Ukraine might get some heat from Russia. Russia might make the war directly on the U.S or may destroy all the star links satellites flying over their region. 

On the Battlefield and in a space war, Russia will have its foot ahead of SpaceX, even they might launch some satellites over U.S region. They may even try to take some information from their satellites over U.S head.

They will also aim for the space station war because SpaceX is building its space station soon and Russia is also building their space station soon, so this war is not only in the grounds or in the Battlefield but also in the battlefield sky.

Starlink Satellite
image from- Wikipedia

This might even result in some big completion worldwide because both the countries are quite very powerful in terms of the War or Space exploration.

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SpaceX has done a great job by providing help to Ukraine during its tough times and has taken some tough fight with Russia.

Their power which got the most attention was that, even after getting death or war threats from Russia, they didn’t step back or cancel their mission but stood ahead and moved their plan ahead.

53 satellites that Starlink launched are totally fine in the orbit and been settled now taking their position in the orbit after a week of its launch.

They are moving forward with the mission of launching a good numbers of satellites in the orbit and their flight seems to take off next months.

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