SpaceX Telescope: Elon Musk makes new plans for the Telescope

Elon Musk shares a new plan for the New SpaceX Telescope, this seems a big opportunity for the Musk and his company, to collect billions and also explore more space. To know more about his plans and ideas, continue to read.

Big Plan for SpaceX Telescope

As Mr. Musk tweets, the starship rocket could be used to host a big telescope that will have 10 times the resolution power of the NASA Hubble Telescope. Hubble has been the most successful telescope in history, now Musk is aiming to make a better satellite than that. This seems like a big mission and Musk will talk with Nobel Prize-Winning astrophysics experts.

 The new telescope will transform the starship rocket into a structure of a harbor giant telescope. They are planning to travel the ferry astronauts to the moon, clean up any space junk or debris left behind, and the establishment of human society on Mars. 

Musk have planned many missions that will fly on start ship rocket before 2030, he is aiming to make the starship self-sustaining. It will allow multi-planetary.

All the three big missions they have planned will start the work soon, as Musk and his company looks quite excited about the missions and development. They will have no secret left if they start the mission start.

There can be a step back in the mission, as there is a couple of the exploding starship here and the SpaceX has always proven to never give back. 

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Starship Satellite Mission

SpaceX Telescope
Credit – Teslarati

They are planning a starship satellite that can carry 1000 passengers at the hypersonic speed anywhere in the world, but currently, they are working on final variant of the starship that will be geared towards a gigantic satellite constellation and collect the space information’s from any planet they visit.

This starship rocket will be the most powerful rocket on our planet that will have the largest payload capacity compared to other rockets. It is all clear to leave the Hubble plans behind.

This SpaceX Telescope will have the ability to launch more powerful and move more close to both near and far planets, this mission will be like the first time in history with many advanced qualities. They will host the starship and will have the capability to move in any direction as per the command at once.

The modifications of the starship telescope will have enough power that can generate the beam of data back to SpaceX mission control so its research can be noted in real-time but this is not the only mission they have planned. Many other plans are coming up.

The new satellite will have been designed to map the sky unframed the making of the amazing discoveries that cannot be detected by the human eye.                                 

The budget of the plan would be around 10 billion dollars, it can collect the data of 300 million galaxies and 100 Milky Way galaxies. It will study the formation of the galaxies and the big bang theory.

It will have the edge observation about the universe and the study the goal of any origins of life in the galaxy, this is the main aim of the mission and study the following things.

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Comparison with Hubble Telescope

Hubble satellites have stopped investigating due to software glitches. Its computer have stop working in June and the memory module is in the payload computer.

Hubble telescope was launched many years ago and the best thing that no one could think about is, that it is still working in a good condition. The service provided and the data collected by the satellite is marvelous and this one had done the job without any backups or setbacks.

This satellite was launched years ago, and the SpaceX satellite is going to be launching in the modern world, there’s surely going to be a big difference between the aims and the glory.

Hubble has done the work more than it was expected, now it’s time for other satellites to carry the mission forward.

SpaceX telescope looks quite ahead of our thinking, it will be made by the best scientist around the world and will be launched as a hope of us for other planets.  

Future of the Mission

SpaceX have planned the mission on the correct time, they are now working about the plans and the mission this satellite will do.

The making of this satellite might take around three years, but the result will be in great way as the plans by Musk are never dull and will surely be a big step for his company.

This mission will be launched before the Mars mission but will have the same importance given to the plans, the both the mission will be a big step for us.

The Moon mission by SpaceX might release early than this mission as it is quite easier now to land on the moon.


In the end, I would like to say that, Hubble was a masterpiece, just don’t compare new missions of satellites with our old lion.

China is also going to launch its telescope and satellite in the upcoming years, and now SpaceX too.

The mission looks quite the same, and it’s good news that they are aiming to fly higher than our solar system.

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