Chinese Astronauts Returns Home after 6 Months

Three Chinese Astronauts spending six months in space. And finally they returned to Earth. This mission was based on Chinese Tiangong space station mission and this mission is china’s longest crew mission so far.

Chinese Astronauts Returns Home

Three Chinese astronauts also called as taikonauts [Chinese astronauts are called taikonauts], are back to earth after spending six months in space. This mission was china’s second crew mission so far and also made a record for the longest crew mission done by China so far.

This mission was carried on Shenzhou 13 space craft that landed in the Inner Mongolia desert on Saturday at local time on 9.56 am. This space craft took a flight from China’s space station called Tianhe module nine hours before.

The crew which were assign the mission took off from the Jiunquan Sattelite Launch center from the Gobi desert in last October and they spent around 183 days on the space station. There’s a novel around the world in 80 days, China created a new novel which can be called as around the space in 183 days!

This mission had a unique feature that it had the first Chinese woman that conducted a spacewalk, the name of the Chinese woman Astronauts is WANG YAPING.

This mission has built many records and this is the new step taken by china for their upcoming crew missions, the first record is that, the mission is the longest Chinese mission done yet and the other that this mission made a history as they send’s the first woman to space.

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The three people in space carried out two space walk in space and performed various tests around the station and the best thing was that, they even held two live lectures from space for students watching from earth. So, this mission is an inspiration for many children’s watching the astronauts talking with them away from the space and gaining a lot of knowledge directly from the space.

About Shenzhou 13 mission

Chinese Astronauts

Shenzhou 13 is a part of China’s 11 Mission which was planned to finish the mission of Tiangong space station mission. China launched its first Tianhe mission in April 2021 and then later in October sent three taikonauts or astronauts to bring the station online.

After this successful mission China is ready to send other 14 crew members to space station in June. This astronauts will go to space and start the work and progress of Tiangong space station mission. China has planned on having the space station work finish around the year, and the mission will include the launch of two additional modules. This shows that China is on too hot fire to complete the Tiangong space station mission till this year and they are now even ready to send humans to complete the mission.

The three astronauts in the mission has set a record of spending 183 days into the space but the highest record is hold by NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei, who came back from space last month and holds the record of spending around 355 days in space.

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The future of China space station

China has planned a mission called Shenzhou 13 that will send 4 crew members to space having the same aim to complete the space station work. This mission will start from April 2022, and may launch this mission after Shenzhou 12 returns back home in September. This crew member will have job of building the center and the work of constructions of the space station.

China’s next two mission of Tianzhou will be Tianzhou 4 as mentioned above, this mission will send 14 crew member that will have the job to put the technology in space station, so this mission will be done after the Shenzhou 13 mission as after the construction work they will go and put the technology in the space station.

A part from many countries in the world china is moving so forward that there mission are planned well and going in smooth flow and since the last decade they are working so hard for the success of their missions and the main aim is all around the Space station that will be built around in 2030.

The only country that is giving China a tough completion is US with the plan of ISS space station but more information is not out.

Conclusion on the mission

China’s next two missions Tianzhou 4 and shenzhou 13 are the major steps china will take in the future as this all in the end aim for the upcoming space station.

China is putting sweat and heat all around the space station that would be ready by 2030, the missions of Tianzhou and shenzhou will have the same dates around as one will go with one mission while other will come back from a mission.

Finally, I can’t really wait for the upcoming china’s missions and the space station building above our heads.

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