How will China’s Zhurong Rover fight with winter on Mars in 2022

As we know that china landed its rover on mars for exploring and studying about Mars. And China’s rover doing great work on mars. But now the rover is in very though situation because of winter on mars planet. China mars rover Zhurong is hunkering down for its first red planet winter season. To know more about the plans by the China and the Zhurong satellite, please read the full article given below.

Zhurong Rover fight with winter

China Mars satellite that is doing great stuff in the red planet, is adjusting to its first winter on the Red Planet while the companion orbiter continues to map the planet from the above.

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Zhurong being the part of the China Tianwen 1 mission, which has been operating in the vast basics of the Utopia Planitia for around 350 days and has travelled around 6302 feet across the planet surface. This information was shared by the Chinese lunar exploration program.

The satellite will now have the less amount of energy from the sun, as winters will start soon in mars northern hemisphere.

The makers and the engineers of the mission have adjusted the angle of the solar wings as the maximum sun exposure and reduced the working hours of the space craft to control the energy usage.

Winter On Mars

Winter on mars
(Credit – CNSA)

Zhurong is specially built with a feature, which will automatically sleep which will kick in the energy level that falls on the triggering when the bad climate hits the satellite and will be rested until the environmental conditions are back into normal.

The coldest time for the Mars is around the time of July and august.  

The winters in the mars are so harmful that it can fully damage the satellite and freeze all the data collected. They are 100 times powerful than the earth winter and can be a tough situation for the satellite.

There might be 4 months of winter in the Mars and will also have rain storms that can cause serious damages to the satellite.

The best thing about the satellite that is made by keeping eye on the winter season is, that this satellite will close its door for a while to protect it from the danger climate out there.

They have built that as a safety shield that will provide heat to the machine and can stop from freezing the data.

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But currently the rover will continue to work as per the plans assign to it. The new image of the Zhurong’s navigation and the terrain camera have revealed the rock distribution by a meteor impact on the red planet.

Tianwen 1 satellite have carried around seven months on the planet from the journey to the earth and will continue its work from above mission.

This satellite is providing with the great help for the research and the study about the red planet.

Recently it gave the great information about the water found on the planet and now it is studying about the rock formation and distribution on the red planet.

The mission of the satellite looks quite interesting and will surely do great things in the future by helping us with the great information that we need to know about the planet.

After the winters go, and the situation and the temperature will be back to normal, this satellite will again start the mission and continue the research about the Red planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. How many days have Zhurong travelled in Mars?

Ans – Taking this May, Zhurong satellite has travelled around 350 days in the red planet.

Que 2. How much Zhurong has travelled in the Mars?

Ans – It has travelled around 6302 feet that is almost around 10 km in the mars surface.

Que 3. When will winter start in Mars?

Ans – The winter season in the mars, will start from June, and the satellite will shut down for a while comparing the cold temperature in the Mars.

Que 4. How many days will winter be in the mars?

Ans – Around 4 months winter will be there in the Mars.

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