China’s Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft successfully left its Tianhe core module

China’s Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft

Tianzhou is a mission of the Tiangong space station, it is the first mission to be launched Tianhe core module and it is the first cargo resupply mission. Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft is kept docked at the aft docking port of Tianhe core module then was transferred to the concurrent manned mission Shenzhou 12 deorbited in September, and then it was moved forward to docking port.

This space craft will conduct propellant transfer with Tianhe and will do testing there, and will also work as a test unit for robotic arm in tianhe to module manipulating as a mission of space station construction. It was undocked on 27th march 2022, and then did a fast rendezvous for 2 hours on 30 march 2022 and was planned to re-enter on 31st march, 2022. Even in the space China’s Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft conducted many test including teleoperated and rendezvous test.

The Tianzhou cargo space craft is built with only three segments of solar panels but it has 4 engines that are maneuvers. The space craft has several differences from Tiangong -1 which it was made keeping eye on.

This rocket was blasted off from Wenchang space launch center on southern island of Hainan, on March 7 at 8.55 pm.

This module was designed having a life spam of more than 1 year, this rocket would carry food for the shenzhou 12 crew which would be launched around may 2022 and it will stay 3 months on the space station, it will also carry 2 tons of propellant. It will also carry future astronouts with them as they can provide food and resources to the station.

China is making the first self- developed space station around 2022 and Tianzhou-2 is the second out of their 11 missions, this mission will follow the Tianhe [their first module], in late April. The news which just got released few days ago was that this mission is postponed due to some technical reasons.

China has set three module space station around the world for the launch of this mission that are United States, Russia and Japan. These mission is backed by this countries and china is getting full support from this three important countries, this shows that other countries are excited for this mission. China was actually banned from participating in the ISS by the US government.

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Current situation of this mission

Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft left its Tianhe core module

In the upcoming year, china will launch more two core modules – WENTIAN and MENGTIAN, they will be under the Long march 5B project and it would be the most powerful space transport vehicle ever made.

The carrying capacity of the rocket would be around 25 tones with payload into the earth’s orbit and will be a source of worrying around the May and it will re-enter the earth’s atmosphere after delivering its parcel to Tianhe into orbit.

Keeping an eye and warning in this mission and china would try not to make the same mistake they did in the flight of first long march 5B on May 2020, which damaged a building when it landed back to the earth. Media reports are regular warning them so they do not repeat the history.

Remnants from the flight finally landed harmlessly and safely got landed on Indian Ocean, but china was angry and drew criticism for being transparent about the change in timings of landing.

From June until 2022, they have planned four cargo space craft and four manual space craft by including the mission on Long March 7 and 2f rockets, which has a maximum low payload on earth of 14 tones and 8.8 tones.

The future of China’s Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft

As mention above, the mission was postponed due to some technical issues so the new date of launching is still not opened but the previous flight is safely back to the the earth’s orbit by the first week of april 2022.

China has planned many missions keeping an eye on the future launch.

Not only china but the whole world is excited for this mission because as mention above this mission will be the heaviest transportation to the space and will carry 25 tons of weight, so this mission looks quite interesting and write the history in the books of china space missions.


Yang Hong who is the chief designer of China’s space station told the media that, the garbage that is being generated in the space station is being accumulating in the Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft. When China’s Tianzhou-2 Spacecraft will complete its mission then it will leave the Space station. After leaving the space station, Spacecraft will not land directly on the ground. Instead of firstly it will come back in the predetermined ocean area with the garbage and will burn after entering the atmosphere.

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