Venus Mission: China may have it’s new successful mission

According to Wu Weirsen, the Chief Designer of China’s Moon Exercise Program, China also redeems Venus Mission at its targets for exploration. While Wu did not offer further details of the potential mission, Chinese scientists suggested a task in the past decade.

Razor looks at the next big target in the global spacecraft Venus. It follows a similar job to Earth and is often referred to as the Earth’s twins or sister. But this is where the harmonies end.

About Venus

Venus Mission
Venus Mission

Venus is the second planet in the solar system and it’s closest to the earth. It is called earth’s twin due to its same size and density. Venus is the one of the four inner, terrestrial planet.

Venus has a toxic atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid that causes high level of greenhouse in the planet. It is the hottest planet in our solar system having a surface temperature around 475 degree Celsius, it is hot enough to melt lead. It’s made of volcanic mountains and surrounded with intensely crunched mountains, probably the volcanos in Venus are still active.

This planet has crushing air pressure that is more than 90 times to earth. This pressure is actually the same oceanic pressure that is happening mile below the earth.

Venus has a unique difference that its spin backwards of its axis compared to other planets. Their sun rises in the west and sets in the east, it is only a female planet in our solar system.

Being so odd and unique why China is planning Venus Mission, let’s see –

China’s mission to Venus

According to senior Chinese space official, after the mars mission and space craft mission China is having an eye to land their flag on Venus.

China has launched its first mars mission in 2020 that was called Tianwen 1, this mission including Zhurong rover remain at the orbit of mars. But this mission won’t be alone done by China plans as they have to move on they have a number of projects in their hand including a space station and mars mission.

China is not only planning a mission to mars but also a mission to Jupiter and more exploring mars having a full set plan about the future of Tianwen 2, 3 and 4. China is aiming in the interviews about the mission to Venus will be soon as they describe these mission with other space exploration as Question about the heavens. This article was published by the media on 7th march.

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Other countries plans for Venus Mission

In 2020, NASA and Russia have exposed their plan about Venus giving the information about three upcoming missions to Venus but now they are not alone as China is all set to have a tough competition with this countries.

In June 2021, NASA announced their two missions for Venus Mission, the one that will land on Venus will be called VERITAS and the other one that will be flying in the orbiter will be called DAVINCI +. VERITAS or Venus Emissivity, will be made as a special space craft that would be easily have comfort in Venus atmosphere, it will aim to collect the information such as Radio science, Topography, Spectroscopy. This plan of NASA will take a flight till December 2027.

Not only US, Russia or China but also UAE set their probe to Venus as soon as 2028.

Humans are expected to reach Venus by 2030, as Davinci + will go to Venus as study everything such as its chemistry or structure or gravity and this mission success will be the first steps of humans in Venus.

Which are the countries that reach in Venus successfully

Till the date only Soviet Union has successfully touch the Venus on august 1970 having the mission Venera7. This mission was successful and gave the return data after its landing on Venus. After a lot of years they have planned two more missions that are Venera D that will be in two parts, one in 2027 and other in 2028.

Future of Venus Mission

The Venus Mission can be successful as many countries are planning their mission on Venus, many scientist believes that there can be life on Venus and humans can make their Habitual live on this odd planet.

The main success is based on NASA DAVANCI+ project as it would be ready to go till 2026 and give us all the information about the planet, even they have planned to send robots on the planet as their main aim is to find a correct place to build a habitual.

I don’t know when Venus mission would be successful but I am quite excited to see humans on the this Beautiful planet called Venus.

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