China To Soon Launch a new Tiankun-2 Satellite

After the successful launch of the Tiankun-1 satellite, China is ready to launch another satellite in the same series means China To Soon Launch Tiankun-2 Satellite

The Tiankun-2 test satellite will be launched soon, Global Times learned from Ma Jie, team leader of the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC). Ma is also the deputy of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature.

What is the Tiankun-2 Satellite?

Acquiring the high-density performance of Tiankun-1, the first autonomous test satellite built by CASIC, launched in orbit in March 2017, Tiankun-2 has low production costs and is very compact.

According to a CASIC statement sent to the Global Times on Thursday, Tiankun-1 has been operating in orbit for five years since its launch on March 3, 2017. It has completed various in-orbit testing and testing and will continue to operate beyond its planned service life.

It acquired a total of 1,425 gigabytes of payload data and performed orbital adjustments four times.

It orbits the Earth 28,200 times and its electronic system has been operating for 43,800 hours, the statement said.

Tiankun-1 uses a modular design concept to create a small-sized satellite that carries a paid load for multiple remote sensing functions and communication functions. It allows for the consideration of space waste among other activities, which can support the country’s ability to respond to emergencies.

The development of the new Tiankun-2 satellite has reached the final stage of testing and is expected to be launched soon, according to Ma. In order to meet the growing demand for satellite astronomy, the company is focusing on the critical stages of the design and production of satellites.

What’s New In Tiankun-2?

Tiankun-2 Satellite

According to reports, Tiankun-2 Satellite not only inherits the high-density performance of satellite “Tiankun 1”, but also has the advantages of low cost and small size. This flight test will validate the micro-nano satellite platform and many other benefits of important technology.

Tiankun-1 is the first autonomous test satellite built by CASIC and launched in orbit in 2017. It has been in operation for five years since it was launched on March 3, 2017, according to CASIC.

It produced about 80 gigabytes of telemeasuring data and completed about 7,300 estimates.

The company built China’s first satellite production line at Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park to meet the growing demand for satellite astronomy.

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Mission of Tiankun-2 Satellite

The production line has successfully implemented 11 key technologies since its operation in May 2015 and improved the product more than three times.

Ma Jie, an official , said the second facility was tasked with meeting the immediate production needs and the dispatch of slow-moving star clusters, focusing on key links in satellite design and production process, and building the first intelligent satellite production line in my country. Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park. By May 2021, the first star will go offline and be fully utilized.

Other Programs Of CASC

CASIC has built the world’s first small satellite production line in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in central China. The smart line introduced the first satellite in May 2021 and is now fully operational.

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