Gaofen – 03 Satellite: China Successfully Launched Radar Satellite

What is Gaofen – 03

Gaofen – 03 Satellite is the first imaging satellite of China National Space Organization. It is their first civilian C-band SAR made In Beijing, China. Gaofen – 03 is a part of China High Resolution Earth observation system group with having a aim to provide disaster monitoring and high resolution observations, and also have a aim for multi user requirement call for both land and water[ocean] monitoring, disaster reduction, water conservation, and one more main aim is meteorology.

This satellite is mainly used by State Oceanic Administration, the China Meteorological administration, the ministers of water resources, and the minister of civil affairs.

This satellite have two main services, one consist of payload services and other consist of services system. The payload service consist of the processes like data transporting, SAR loading, and data transmission antenna system. The other aim that is services system consists of work like power supply, installation, test temperature, maintenance, data management, structure, thermal controlling system, and altitude controlling.

The Gaofen – 03 have a life spam of around 8 years, having the launch mass of 2779 kg, and it is a three – axis stabilization. Its pointing accuracy is better than 0.03 degree, and has role maneuver capacity of +- 31.5 degree. It has a three junction Gas solar cell array including a NICD battery, and a lithium ion battery of 225 Ah. This satellite is built as an autonomous health management system, and evaluate the product service and take the rick measurement in advance to ensure the full safety of the satellite in the orbit.

Launch and Missions

The Gaofen – 03 was launched on 9th august, 2016 on the space craft of long march 4c launch vehicle from their Taiyuan satellite launch center based in China, as per some delay or time zone materials the space craft was actually launched on 10th august rather than 9th august. It travelled around 755 km altitude towards space.

This satellite is under operational mode at C-Band since September 2019.their main mission is to study a preliminary evaluation of Gaofen – 03 quad polarized SAR imagery system. SAR is occupied by polarization system which can provide more scattering details to reach out wet land monitoring.

There can only be few studies through this satellite as it is only oriented on few years.

It geographically covers the areas of west Asia including countries like China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and many more countries surrounding them, this satellite have regular eyes on this countries and provide regular information when needed.

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Current Status

Gaofen – 03 Satellite
Image – gktoday

After its launch on 10 august 2016, his satellite has provided a large number of data and acquired thousands of scenes for State oceanic administration. They even work for ministry of water resource and ministry of civil administration and provide them with the information when needed. They even show eyes for the defense management and provide them regular information about the navy bodies and other countries water mission plans.

In 2017, this satellite provided a very important information about the jiuzhauigao earthquake, and heavy rainfall for the first time including an information about the Sichuan Island providing a quality picture of it. This information helped the disaster management to take the necessary steps at the correct time.

This satellite has taken a high resolution multi polarization images of microwave showing the changes of Chinese civilization with high profile SAR image. It even recorded high quality information for china about the disaster management system and environment monitoring.

In 2020, this satellite got few support for the construction and management by civil military integration of space based information and technology.

This satellite have observed the switched signals of two antenna panels in the same polarization. It even showed the inverse slopes in signal modulation and can be affective generating strong polarization of back scattering in the ground area.

Future of the satellite

Generally, working so good not only for china but also for the world by providing great information about the space with regular slight to disaster management about the disasters happening around. It even provide high resolution pics from space showing the regular changes about the climate and other sources which provide great help to the management by taking right steps at right time.

Having this so many qualities, this satellite Gaofen – 03 have a time spam of only 8 years out of which it has lived 6 years around so probably after 2024 august or the start of 2025 this satellite wont be working and will be brought back to earth. 

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