Water on Mars: China’s Mars rover found evidence of water

Water on MARS!

The recent study from the China’s rover have suggested the proof of water on Mars, this has been found much more recent than the scientist thoughts. To know more about the water and other things found by the rover, read the full article below.

Another water planet?

The cold and dry planet Mars, which has no evidence of water earlier, has shown now the possible chances of water on the Red planet. The water is found in the liquid state running on the surface much more recently we expected.

Scientist previously, believed that Mars was a wet planet for our 3 billion years ago, during the Hesperian period, the lost much of the water.

The new study shows the evidence of water on Mars activity from 700 million years ago, this is shown on the Amazonian period, posing many new questions about the red planet.

The New study is done by the China’s Zhurong rover, which is the part of the Tianwen 1 mission that touched the dull planet on May 2021. The scientist used this data to the rover gathering during the first 92 Martian days and the landing site in the Utopia Planitia.

The National Space Centre researcher, Yang Liu, under the Chinese Academy of science and the colleague’s analysed data from the three different instruments on the Zhurong, induced the breakdown of the spectrometer, the telescope micro pictures and the short wave of the spectrometer.

Evidence of water on Mars

Water on Mars
Trace of Water on Mars. Fictional Mars Soil Aerial View (From-Pixabay)

This instruments that studies the minerals, have suggested the presence of the substantial quantity of the liquid water at the site about 700 million years ago, into the Amazonian epoch, previously scientist is to believe this as the dry planet.

Eva schellar, the planetary scientist at the California Institution of Technology, said this is very interesting study. She wasn’t a part of this mission but said that, they have very few records and the evidence of the young system of water on Mars, and they have this much only that water found is a salty water.

Zhurong instrument spotted water molecules locked and found the water on the rocky surface, which is very different and the interesting about the young water on this environment that have been observed.

This clearly means, that water found is made up of the minerals that have been for millions of years, this has been previously consider in other scientific methods.

Zhurong, do not have any extra pair of the wheels on Mars, but have a powerful suite of the instruments that explore a new geography on the red planet to open the new doors for us for the research for the moon.

One of the main thing that has been found on the Mars is that it looked forward of seeing from the Zhurong rover that has been extensive these young water bearing minerals. They are common or uncommon in the young rock.

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Future and the conclusion

Zhurong has covered around miles in the mars surface during 350 days of travelling in Mars, this analysed has been a range of the feature of travels that means more new martin insights are likely to come from the rover.

Some of the people have suggested that this might be salty water but there are no proof, that the water is salty or normal.

If there is any chance of water on Mars, this might be a big step by the scientist to take the mission on mars, and we might touch mars before we think.

Mars mission by China looks quite good with the evidence of water on the dull planet.

This rover is opening many question in the head of scientist, and even providing them wrong with the researched doing.

This rover has only walked around half a km and given so many proof about the dull planet and the life of this rover is long, I can’t imagine how many more crazy information this rover will be providing to us.

This rover is doing interesting job and the future of the rover looks bright, many countries around the world are behind China for the information about the rover and the data collected.

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