China opens the Shenzhou 13 capsule that is back to the Earth

On Tuesday, China open’s the capsule that returned to the Earth. This capsule is known as the Shenzhou-13 crew-manned spaceship that carried three astronauts back on April 16. This information was given by the China Manned Space Agency.

What Shenzhou 13 Carried

On April 26, Tuesday, China opened the return capsule of the Shenzhou 13 crew-manned spaceship that carried three astronauts back to Earth on April 16.

The item that was carried by spacecraft to the orbit were crop seeds. This 8K high definition memory card has stored images and videos that were taken by the astronauts in the space, a 16K high-resolution camera through which they took the photos and then stored in the memory card, commemorative stamps, and more interesting which they got back to the Earth was the painting that was done by the teenagers of Hong Kong. Imagine they took the paintings of teenagers to the space and brought them back safely.

National economy and public livelihood have been an essential part of China’s manned space project, not only by this mission but since the start of their country’s manned space project. This shows that more than investing money in the democracy, china invested in the future, and they got a well return, and the success of these missions are seen by the world. This was said by the China Manned Space association.

Shenzhou 13 Capsule 

The Shenzhou 13 spaceship was launched on 16th October, in 2021, and it was launched by the Jiquan Satellite launch system in northwest China. Experiments in technology and space science were carried out during the launch in the in-orbit flight.

The mission highlights the important point that China now has completed the verification of key technologies in the space station field and sets a record for Chinese astronauts’ duration in orbit.

The spaceship was found in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and it was kept for 10 days in the sea. They returned from space on 16th of the April and reached the Earth after having a journey of 16 hours and reached the surface on April 17. China opened their doors at April 26 and all the astronauts finally took the Earth’s oxygen after spending a lot of days in space. That would be a great feeling from them as they spend a lot of time taking air from the cylinders and finally taking the natural oxygen back.

Now, all the astronauts are kept under observation and medical treatments, but they are totally fit and refined after the mission.

They look energetic and happy after a successful mission to the space.

Shenzhou 13 Capsule
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Future and Conclusion

After the success of the Shenzhou 13, China has planned to launch two more Shenzhou 14 and Shenzhou 15 later this year.

Shenzhou 14 will be launched in July after a space station mission is back to the Earth and followed by that, Shenzhou 15 will be launched in the December of 2022.

Hence, to end the article, China is doing a great job with its Shenzhou missions and looking in great touch for the upcoming Shenzhou 14 and Shenzhou 15.

Currently, both the space ships are tested and being established, and they are going well through the plan.

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