China opens Space Station to work with foreign astronauts

In recent few days, China has opened the doors to welcome other foreign astronauts to work with them, to find more information about the mission read the full article given below.

More about the Mission

China has welcomed the doors of their space station for astronauts in joint mission and it will become fully operating this year, this information was given by China’s Foreign Minister on Monday.

Currently, they are working on the organizing and implantation of the first batch that will travel to the space, this mission will come under the International Cooperation project that is jointly undertaken by China and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs at the Chinese Space Station, this message was given by Wang Wenbin, one of the ministers of China.

They are hoping to complete the mission research and experiments before the end of 2022 and they are willing to start the work as soon as possible. 

Wang also commented that the return of the Shenzhou 13 Crew that will be on Saturday will follow a record of six months at the Tiangong space station.

According to Wang, the first batch of the project that includes nine projects for the completed station would involve 23 organizations from 17 other countries that might include the U.S, Russia, and probably India too.

Wang in an interview said that he is willing to work with other countries and this project and dedication would be done with whole peace. This mission will help to carry out more international cooperation and exchanges. This mission will also help them to build trust and help them exchange their knowledge for the progress of the space.

He further added they are welcoming foreign astronauts to visit and work with them and this experience will help them to solve the mystery of the universe together, this mission will make a bigger contribution to the building of future of the humanity.

The nine projects selected will cover the areas of the field such as space life sciences, microgravity fluid physics, biotechnology, microgravity combustion, and astronomy. This mission looks quite interesting!

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Further Stories 

Chinese Space Station

Hao Chun, the director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said on Sunday that China would add two more laboratory modules to complete the ongoing Tiangong Space station mission later this year. 

He also added that the Tianzhou 4 cargo mission will be launching later next month, followed by the mission in June by the Shenzhou 14 spacecraft project, which would have a new crew of three astronauts mission to the space station for the next six months.

A source who knows the space program even said that the nine projects would be done and carried out by the Shenzhou 15 crew, who will make their journey to the space station by the end of 2022.

One more source said that this mission of the Shenzhou 14 crew would complete the additional work of the Wentian and Mengatian space lab modules projects, this shows that China is doing a lot of work that will directly be giving them help for the upcoming space station that would be built by 2030.

The source said that the experiments and the research are agreed upon by the China Manned Space Agency and UNOOSA experts will be carrying out the mission of the Mengtain and Wentain space lab modules so they will start the mission as soon as the installation of the modules that are completed.


The construction of the Tiangong space station has begun in 2021, the international space station that was created in 1998, is going to be retired by 2031.

But no worries are seen as one space station will retire and the other space station that is much bigger and with full technologies will start by the year 2030.

I think China is doing a great job by joining hands with other agencies and allowing their astronauts to work in their space station.

This will surely help them in the future when they will start the work of the Tiangong space station and this mission is surely bringing a good kind of friendship to the world.

Finally, I just hope that this mission is going to be successful but everything that happens in peace will help out future grow well.

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