China Opens Its Space Station For Commercial Activity 

China wants to complete the construction of the Tiangong Space Station’s working by the end of this year.

The new report points out that Beijing not only wants its space station to be used for carrying out space research activities but also to generate Space Revenue which means that they are going to use their space station as a source of generating revenue,we are going to discuss how.

As the main directors of the Space program, China plans to open its own space station for commercial activities.

“The cosmic sector are going to be counseled to participate within the universe during a sort of ways in which, as before long because the space laboratory is completed and operated.” The senior designer of China’s airline program recently said China to Central Television.

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Recent Noticeable Developments

This year, China’s largest space contractor will head to the launch of two crew missions Shenzhou 14 and 15 and also two cargo space crafts and sending of two space modules or orbital plants all of these through six launches, for the completion of the Tiangong space station successfully.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp(CASC) has revealed on social media that it intends to launch more than 40 launches, including six machines to complete the construction of the country’s space station.

The Tiangong space station is scheduled to operate in orbit for at least 10 years. It will handle a series of international trials in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Aviation, as well as potential foreign astronauts and additional modules in the coming years.

Entry is Private Companies in Space

Chinese launch companies have already begun to mention Tiangong Space Station as one of the potential business opportunities.

“It is vital to do to rent the primary step within the next generation bus vehicle to travel to the space station and the moon. In Tiangong Space Station,the equipment will be able to move the crew mission to deep space with a large version of the equipment”, said an official.

Chinese Space Agencies and New Companies are likely to work together. This announcement is the first sign that companies can participate in the project of the national space station,something similar to what NASA did in the past.

NASA had established a commercial cargo project company in 2005 to encourage the industry to provide access to the international space station to support the vision of an affordable Low-Earth Orbit research facility and space exploration.

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Growing Tussle Between China and the USA

In recent years, NASA has been exploring  to make money using the ISS

NASA is also planning on giving a total of $ 400 million to four businesses in the fourth quarter of 2021,its main focus is to start independent and private space research stations.

NASA celebrated 20 years of astronauts living in the International Space Station in 2020. It also wants private enterprise to take part and deploy other free floating habitats in space at Low Earth Orbit(LEO) research Laboratories.

NASA  spends about $4 billion a year on the International Space Station.The ISS also spends an additional $150 billion on research and other activities ,most of these expenses which was borne by America but Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada also contributed funds for this project.

According to some sources,NASA reported last year that it could save between $20 billion and $30 billion in costs through its commercial employee recruitment program.

China’s decision to start commercial operations on Tiangong, which will be the only space station to leave the ISS in 2030, is of great significance.

Participation of private players in space has always been on the minds of those within the country and globally. This shows the importance of the space sector in science and economic development.

Recently, the United States and its allies have begun to discuss extending the use of the ISS beyond 2030.

However, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the West’s reaction to it, Chairman Roscosmos threatened to remove Moscow from the project.

China also invited bulk cooperation in space station Operations.”Experimental opportunities are going to be taken a better look in China’s house laboratories in China. This is wonderful.” Zhou mentioned.

There will be a major face-off between China and the United States until the ISS is retired.But Beijing is highly optimistic about its commercial space ambitions once Tiangong is fully operational.

Why is China Trying to Make Space Revenue?

CMSA is actively promoting openness to China’s space laboratories and is open inside as well as international scientists and engineers.

Recent developments in the space sector has made space explorations lucrative and in the near future it is going to become more valuable with the coming of private individuals as it will lower the cost thus hopefully commercializing the space sector.

Thus, China has taken this opportunity to create hegemony in commercial space flight.

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