Chinese Space Telescope : China will launch its own Hubble Space Telescope successfully

China is launching many rockets for space exploration and now China decided to launch its own Chinese Space Telescope. This telescope is look like Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched in 1990. China will be able to study more deeply about space through this Chinese Space Telescope.

What is Hubble Galaxy

The Hubble sequence is a galaxy that was founded by Edwin Hubble in 1926. It is moropholical classification scheme in the galaxy, it has a shape like a turning fork and that’s why it is called Hubble Turning Fork diagram as it represents a turning fork in space.

This galaxy is mainly divided into three parts – ellipticals, lenticulars, and spirals. They are originally a photographic plates. A forth class of this galaxies contains an irregular appearance. This Hubble sequence is used mostly in classifying galaxies, both astronomical and professional researches in amateur astronomy.

About the Chinese Space Telescope

Chinese Space Telescope

China is launching its first own space station this month and the country is even preparing to send a large Chinese Space Telescope to join in the orbit within next few years.

Space .com told in their website, This Space station is going to be launch around 2024, and this station will operate as a space optical observation and surveys center for Chinese Scientists and their main mission will be carrying out sky surveys.” This telescope is even called Xuntain which means survey the heaven. It will have a 6.6 foot diameter lens, making it a Hubble Space Telescope. It have a great power of field of view 300 times that would be greater to the 31 year old Hubble.

The wide lens of this telescope will help to observe 40 percent of the sky over last 10 years having such a huge 2.5 billion pixel camera, this looks insane!

Chinese Space Telescope will be able to periodically dock with the future crew outpost having a co-orbit earth with the Chinese space.

This telescope is specially built to set an optical module that can easily fly independently in orbit for higher efficiency of space, this information is said by Zhou Jianping, the chief designer of China’s space flight program.

Jianping even said that they are planning to fly in common orbit with the upcoming space station, and will help them as refuel the telescope and carry out in space that keep upgrading for them, so they are keeping an international frontier level.

This can be a big advantage to the China Space Station, as this Hubble requires a number of mission to upgrade, repair and replace and a variety of systems and components.

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Xinhua reported this last year that on ground, four astronomy research center are making their base around china to work with the data from the space technology.

The main eyes of China Space Station would be around the ultraviolet and visible light. They are having a study of dark matters and dark energy around the cosmos and galaxy, this work will be started from 2019 by National Astronomical Observation under the Chinese academy of science.

Currently, China is in full flow of training its first crew of astrologers for the mission to construct the space station in their upcoming project.

China is preparing 11 launches from 2021 to 2022, including four crew mission for the construction of the space station. The name of this mission is called Tianhe meaning harmony of the heavens and this mission is expected to launch in the last week of April, based on long march 5 preparation.

This space station can be seen from the naked eyes even though having a small size but from some Asian countries like India it would be easily seen in the sky, the future what we expected is close to reach the reality.

China space station is also building a road in space that will have an easy access to mars and moon, so now we would even travel in space rather than earth, China is in talk with US companies including SpaceX and NASA to build the vehicles that can help them accomplish this mission.

Their competitor ISS is not preparing any mission about making any space station in the upcoming years, so China is a lone warrior in this mission.


Hence, China is in full swing to complete the project before the end of this decade and till 2035 they are hoping a new life on Earth’s orbit and make life come possible in moon and mars.

They are literally doing the work that we saw in the movies and in our dream, this ride by China is going to be fun and crazy.

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