China has Big Plans for their new Tiangong space station

China plans out a big plan for its Upcoming Tiangong Space Station mission, they have plan commercialization, international cooperation and expansion of the space station. To know more about the plan for the mission read the full article.

Time for Space Station

China has planned to launch around 6 major mission before the end of this year that will help to complete its Tiangong space station. The space official of China said that, they could soon link up with the host commercial activities, international astronauts and powerful telescope.

The details about the mission was revealed during April 17th in a press conference, which was held the second day after the return of the Shenzhou 13 astronauts after setting a national record of 182 days mission in the space for the Tiangong core module building called Tianhe.

The six main mission will start launching from May with a resupply mission that would be followed by six months long Shenzhou 14 crew mission flight that will take off on June. This information was given by the China Manned Space Engineering Office Director, Hao Chun.

The mission will include a second module, Wentian that is known as Asking the Heavens, will be joining by the Tianhe in orbit in July, that would be followed by the third and the final module for the mission which will be known as the Mengtain, that is also known as Dreaming of the Heaven, and this mission is set to launch in October.

Progress about the Tiangong space station mission

The Tianzhou 5 cargo and the Shenzhou 15 crew mission is all set to launch in this year, while the Tiangong space station will launch its first crew mission while Shenzhou 14 astronauts will welcome the new comers from the earth. This all could be possible due to an extra living space in the Wentian module.

Tiangong space station will host around six months long crew mission that will have an aim for the astronauts to focus mainly on the microgravity research, earth science, life science, astronomy, space technology, and the new materials in the space.

The original plan about the space station was launch first on 1992, they called the three space modules as Tiangong space station that would launch nonstop crew missions till 2002. They planned two crew missions and two cargo space craft missions every year. 

The Xuntian Space Telescope, will be co orbit with Tiangong mission and will dock for the refuelling and the maintenance, according to Hao, this mission will be launch around late 2023.

Hao in an interview said that, the telescope which will be conducted to the scientific research in the universe formation and evolution, that includes the dark energy, dark matter, solar system objects, exo planet and also expected about the secure batch of the major innovation happening in the upcoming days.

Expansion about the Mission

Tiangong space station
space station and satellite orbit in galaxy collection.(image- Pixabay)

The CMSEO is having an eye at extending both the space station and the mission having more scope for the activities, they will introduce the new ways to reach Tiangong space station soon.

Hao said that, they are developing the extending cabins and the modules space for the space craft that can conduct more experiments and provide with better living conditions for the astronauts.

Tiangong, could even expand to six modules having an extra new version of the Wentian, Tianhe and the Mengtian experiments modules. This will be started soon according to the expansion of the plan.

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Future of the mission

A reusable next generation launch vehicle and a crew space craft is capable of carrying seven astronauts, are in full development.

Currently China uses the long march 2F rocket and the Shenzhou space craft to launch its astronauts into the space.

Tiangong could host the commercial mission this year. They are also planning to explore the new modules of the commercial human space flight that will be introducing the new cargos for the space missions.

Hao, was later asked about the international cooperation of the China, he said that certainly they are carrying out more in depth exchange and the cooperation with all the countries around the world that would be committed to work peacefully outside the space.

Tiangong space craft would be took off by the Yang Liwei, who made history in 2003 by becoming the First astronaut to reach space. He in the media said that he will trained the astronauts that would be able to fly to Tiangong, before 2030.

However, the first aim of China would be the completing the work of the Tiangong. The next launch of the mission will be the Tianzhou 4 cargo mission.

The heavy rocket of the 13500 kg space craft will take off on a long march 7 rocket from Wenchang that will carry the fuel and supply the Shenzhou 14 mission and this mission is expected to launch in June.


To conclude, I would like to say that China is working really hard for the Tiangong space station project.

The missions will be soon start from this month and the module is expected to be ready by 2030.

I am quite excited about the space station as it would be so big that it could be seen by the naked eyes. I hope China is successful in this mission.

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