China Claims a Receival of Signals From the Aliens

All of us know China has an enormous and huge telescope named ‘Sky Eye’. A piece of recent news popped out that the country has received some unknown intriguing signals from the alien civilizations. However, there is no proper research done on where these signals came from and what they mean.

Did the Sky Eye telescope pick up trace signals from the aliens?

Signals from aliens
(Image for representation) NASA’s latest effort to contact aliens Photograph:( Agencies/LiveScience)

 China is claiming that it received some trace signals from a very distant alien civilization, as per the reports given by the Chinese scientists. The astronomers who are present at the Beijing Normal University have previously found many cases of possible technological traces that are received from other civilizations outside the earth. Reports claim that these signals have been picked by the Sky Eye telescope.

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Sky Eye – The FAST Telescope

China’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope also abbreviated as the FAST telescope has been identifying many trace signals from outside the earth. This telescope is also nicknamed as Sky Eye and it is the largest radio telescope in the world.

When was Sky Eye telescope put to work the first time?

Sky eye telescope
The spurious signals were spotted by China’s enormous FAST telescope, the largest radio telescope in the world. (Image credit: Xinhua/Ou Dongqu )

Sky Eye telescope was initially put to work in order to scan the deep space for radio signals that might indicate the presence of extraterrestrial life outside Earth in the year 2019. Later on, the researchers claimed that they received two suspicious artificial radio signals from outside Earth in the year 2020.

On the other hand, in the year 2022, researchers performed a survey targeting the exoplanets and they found a narrow-band radio signal in the process. Thus a total of three different unknown signals were picked up by the Sky Eye telescope to date.

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What signals did the Sky Eye telescope receive?

Signals from the alien
The signals were detected by the 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) located in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. (Image credit: NAO/FAST/LiveScience)

There are a lot of signals received by the telescope out of which the suspicious ones are the narrow-band waves which can only be used by humans in their human satellites and aircraft. So, this brought up a doubt that these narrow-band signals may be coming from the alien civilization. However, the scientists say that they are still analyzing the signals and their findings are just preliminary.

What reports did the head scientist give out?

The head scientist at the China Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Group present at the Beijing Normal University, Zhang Tongjie reported to the Science and Technology Daily that they received narrow-band electromagnetic signals that are quite different from the ones received in past. He also mentioned that the team is still working on finding the signals upon further investigation.

The head scientist also mentioned that there is also a high possibility that the suspicious signals came from some kind of radio interference. However, even this claim also needs to be reviewed and confirmed and this might take a long time.

What do the follow-up searches claim?

The follow-up searches that were conducted later in the same region of space have returned nothing and everyone returned empty-handed. However, the later researchers also brought a thought that the signals might be coming from a sun-like star that Is located in the Sagittarius constellation, as reported by the Live Science.


The main reason behind the scientists getting excited about the received signal is that the signal was a narrow-band radio wave. These narrow-band waves can be associated with only the human-made objects and not any others. So, this led the scientists to think that the signal came from another civilization outside of Earth and it might be from alien technology.

The source of the signals is still a mystery. But Tonjie mentioned that the country is looking forward to the Sky Eye telescope being the first one to find out and confirm the existence of the presence of other civilizations outside the Earth. However, all the previously suspected signals of the same kind turned out to be produced by the malfunctioning of human technology or made by the scientists microwaving their launches.

Tonjie also mentioned that the team of researchers is planning to make repeated observations regarding the strange signals that are received by the telescope. He also claimed they are trying to obtain as much information as possible regarding the chance of the signals being due to radio interference or not.

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