China may build new monitoring asteroid and defence system by 2025

China is in full swing of building a monitoring asteroid and defense system, aiming to do the tests as soon as 2025.

Wu Yanhua, the deputy head of the China National Space Administration, said on the Chinese day that it felt on Sunday that China is planning a monitoring asteroid and defense system. They have a plan to carry out technical experiments as soon as 2025.

This satellite will help China be aware of the giant and threatening asteroids that can attack to change its orbit, and this satellite will have a close eye on the asteroids and help them plan the defense before any significant troubles.

The defense system is mainly made to ensure that their satellites in the orbits are safe, and if any giant asteroid is coming toward earth, this defense system will protect us by giving defense from space.

Experts noted that China’s defense system for asteroids could be a vital element for the defense against the giant asteroids hitting the earth. This china step will protect Mankind on Earth and is a very future protection for the community. This defense system will also help protect China’s Space Station, that will build by 2030.

Wu said in an interview that the main aim of building this satellite and the defense system in space is to protect the safety of the Earth, This shows that China is thinking quite a lot of things that can help us in the future, they might have been scared of what happened to dinosaurs years ago, even they were destroyed due to the threatening asteroids and now the same thing don’t happen with us so China is planning an incredible something for our community.

The satellite that will be made to get aware of the asteroids would be two types, the first one will be ground type-based and another one would be space type based. This monitor will help us set a warning system and will pose a threat to humanity’s space activity. The technology and engineering will be developed, which will help us take defense precautions early.

We even said to Global Times that China’s National Space Administration is even developing a software that will help us to take the possible impact from near-earth asteroids and will organize practices that will address us with the common threat happening, this is shouldering as the responsibility towards a significant global power in safeguarding the earth and all the countries.

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This mission is currently at the project establishment phase and being reviewed for an approval by the heads, the permission involves the close coordination of multiple departments. The mission insiders revealed this information through the Global Times.

Song Zhongping, a space observer and military expert said that even Russia and the USA are building a defense system and China’s Defence System will be an essential element in addressing the threats of asteroids attack to the earth, they might even join hands in the future as the aim of their mission looks the same.

Song then said that this is another practical solution that China will produce to build a community that aims to share future for humankind. The primary duty would be a significant space power that will protect the humans from the possible disasters that could even end the human civilization.

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Li Ming, the professor of the National Space Science Centre under the Chinese Academy of science, said that, by looking at the size of the moon, the asteroids coming towards us may not be as small as we expect. This could be severe harm for us the humankind. As the statement said I think it’s true as asteroids might be so giant that they could destroy our whole world and necessary steps for the future should be taken as soon as possible.

The latest asteroid that impacted on earth happened in 2013 in Russia’s Chelyabinsk, when a big size was asteroid that was 18 meters near the earth entered the atmosphere and exploded 30km above the earth level, this asteroid had the power equal to 30 atomic bombs and this asteroids and that caused damage to 1500 injuries and 3000 damage to the buildings and houses.

Russia is even scared that the asteroid attacked them earlier got get back with bigger size and could damage the entire world in just one attack, as they aim to protect the earth they are moving in an excellent speed to build this defense system as soon as possible.

The most practical damage can be hitting an asteroid and the possible outcome to protect us from this is to build a defense system.

 Hence, as aiming to the future even I think that safety plays an important role and building this defense system is an important step.

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