China has created its own artificial moon with low gravity on earth

According to the Chinese Scientists, this artificial moon will provide the crystal answer to the questions like, how humans can survive on the surface of the moon, how the lunar surface can be used, what are the effects of the gases on human health, and so on. The country, China has now built an artificial moon facility, that simulates conditions on the moon. This facility is located in the eastern city of “Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province.”

About the China’s Artificial Moon

The name of this program is the Chinese “Lunar Exploration Program” and the scientific name of the artificial moon is Mini Moon. China has built an artificial moon research facility for upcoming experiments. It has built an artificial moon with low gravity, that is, this artificial moon has the same gravity (1/6 of the Earth’s Gravity) as the real moon.

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China has prepared this lunar surface by putting Earth’s gravity in its mind. The advantage of this core point is that, now, China can freely send a human into space to live on this artificial moon, without having the problems of weightlessness. China is the first country in the world to build an artificial moon. China has named it ‘Mini Moon’.

According to Scientists, the moon has a diameter of almost 200 feet and a surface like the real moon, which is covered with soil in some areas, and also has volcanic rocks over it. This artificial moon is very small, about 60 inches in diameter, and will help scientists conduct several experiments.

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Why China Has Framed The Artificial Moon?

China has built this artificial moon for astronauts and researchers. This place looks like a moon with lights in different colors. This artificial moon is designed for conducting experiments. The researchers in China have conducted a series of experiments to test the use of the lunar surface for the future. This new artificial moon will assist the exploration of many inventions. It will help with oceans exploration as well.

It will also regulate the weather on Earth. China has launched this project for the benefit of mankind and the field of science.

China wants to make this research base big. They are now making some more arrangements for the launch of this artificial moon.

The Chinese Space Institute aims to conduct the following experiments on this Mini Moon-

1. An atomic clock on board.

2. Detection of the earth’s powerful magnetic field.

3. Taking the highest resolution images of the earth.

4. To record the Earth’s radiation environment.

5. Testing the factors affecting the human body in a weightless environment.

6. Conducting biological experiments.

7. Conducting other experiments.

Launching an Artificial Moon

China will launch this artificial moon facility in the year 2022. This launch was made from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. This artificial moon will orbit the Earth at a maximum altitude of 305 miles. The research station will take 2 hours and 37 minutes to orbit the Earth, and after this time it will return to the place where it was launched. In the beginning, Chinese scientists were worried about the launch of this mini-moon. They thought that it would not be successful, but when the mini-moon was launched, it was successful and orbited the Earth in the very first attempt.

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Making an Artificial Moon

As you know, the Earth has very strong gravity. So how is it possible to build a moon with low gravity? China built this artificial moon using the ‘magnetic effect’. The magnetic field is the most important factor for the artificial moon.

China built this artificial moon by inspiring a Russian-born physicist named Andre Geim. Andre Geim conducted an experiment in which he levitated a frog in the air using magnetic technology. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for this experiment in 2010.

First, Porzellan built a cell and created a vacuum chamber inside the cell, so that gravity would not affect it. Then, they built a real moon structure inside it. This artificial moon is inside a vacuum cell. Gravity will not be present there, so gravity does not affect the moon’s structure.

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The cell that the artificial moon is in creates a magnetic field that gives this artificial moon a low gravity. Then, dust and rocks that are as heavy as those of the real moon, were poured onto the surface of the artificial moon. These rock samples and dust samples were brought by China’s old exploration company Chang’5.

‘Magnetic levitation’ is certainly not the same as antigravity, but there are a variety of situations where “microgravity” is mimicked. So by ‘mimicking microgravity’, China is building its artificial moon.

It is not an easy task to build a magnetic field on the lunar surface. China has built a very strong electromagnet to create a magnetic field on the moon. The electromagnet created a magnetic field and eventually converted this field into a low gravity environment.

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