An Amazing Discovery By Musk on Mars

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, has made a terrifying discovery on Mars. SpaceX is almost ready to start building a permanent human settlement on Mars. Musk announced this society was on track to launch its first unmanned mission towards mars. To know more about his mission, read the full article given below.

Discovery By Musk and the Mission 

There have been 26 months every two years when Mars and the Earth are close, having the 38.6 million miles apart distance between them. They are expected to reach their nearest point in 2022 in December. Musk is planning to launch his mission during that time. 

In his recent speech, Musk talked about how he and his company plan to travel to Mars in the Future. There is a slight chance that the Starship mission will perform the orbital flight around March.

However, the Musk mission has the chance of succeeding in the long run. He must be entirely sure about the Rocket and the mission happening. The Raptor 2 rocket planned to go to Mars will leave the Earth’s orbit and reach mars soon.

Musk said that this Rocket is a spectacular piece of engineering, but it is challenging to succeed in the mission. He added that the engine had been mind-blowing but quite tough to make the Starship work.

He even gave a joke about the Raptor 1, saying about the 180 tons of thrust, and even laughed at its designee by saying it looks like a Christmas tree. But after the laughter session, he even appreciated the Rocket by saying that this version has 230 tons of thrust and will aim for around 250 tons of thrust by the end of this year. He even included the talk about the engine that will burn fuel hotter and can hold significantly more pressure than the previous modules. 

In rocket engines, the chamber pressure was referred to as the much fuel an oxidizer that can be mixed and ignited to generate the thrust. It is a mighty chamber that will melt the risk of the engine.

Musk is worried about the problems with the new engine. He was talking about the gigawatt that will produce by the nuclear power plant production.

The part of the SpaceX effort to prevent the melting of the engine that is developing heat shields that could absorb the amount of the energy emitted from the Rocket. 

According to a website of the CNSA, Musk warned about the Bankruptcy risk. If the company didn’t fix the production cost, as the company SpaceX belongs to the richest man on Earth, this problem should not have occurred.

Musk later appreciated the engineers by saying they were working closely to solve the problems, but Musk is better known for being over-optimistically.

Musk speaking about the Future of the missions

Discovery by Musk (Image by Bruno Albino from Pixabay )
Image by Bruno Albino from Pixabay 

After the above-mentioned talks, Musk said about the Future of the mars mission by saying that they will launch around five to six Raptor2 engines and ramp around six to seven in March. He wants the raptor to be less powerful than the engine because he even has an eye on the safety of the Humans.

However, Mr. Musk presented vivid details about the human plantation mission in the future, and he has more operational details of the massive SpaceX rocket Starship.

The Starships can take humans into the orbit of the moon and the mars and can help them in landing on the surface. Musk said on Thursday that he thought of building a city on Mars, which would involve the million tons of stuff from the Earth. 

He is quite excited to make history by saying the words let’s make it. He wants to create the history of 4.5 billion years after being the first man to achieve the fiat to touch Mars. 

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Plans for the Mission 

He plans to build the Super Heavy larger booster with dozens of boosters to achieve this mission.

In his talk at BOCA CHICA, near Brownsville, Musk talked about many bawdy comments rehashing the vision he described in the past. He even included why humanity needs to expand beyond Earth.

He even responded to the critics, who said that space exploration is a waste of money and time. He noted how little of the budget federal will be spent on space exploration and space flights.

Musk was hoping that the Federal Aviation Administration would give SpaceX the permission to launch from Boca Chica. He said they might get the rough indication approval in March. He said after the approval, the orbital launch will occur in the couple of months. 

If they don’t grant them permission, without any option, they will be launching its mission from there Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which would take around six to eight months to launch. 


Moreover, Mr. Musk remained confident that his giant Rocket and mission would be a big success for him and his company. There would be some big stones in the road, but he knows how to break these blocks.

He is quite excited about the mars mission and building our homes on Mars and putting all his sweat into the mission for the launch. He is surely going to make history in the upcoming days.

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