What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Artificial Moon?

Noteworthy Advantages Of The China’s Artificial Moon 

1. The uttermost advantage of the artificial moon designed by China, is its laudable efficacy. Also, It can save a higher amount of energy.

2. China has planned to put the artificial moon into operation by the year 2022; therefore, by the fresh year, it will more likely be the main source of lighting, creating a sense of dependency for other countries over it.

3. The third but crucial advantage of China’s artificial moon, is that the artificial moonlight can be realized in space, and will not going to affect the other celestial bodies existing in the universe.

4. The artificial moon is big enough to capture the natural incident. Along with this, it will not create any disturbance in human life.

5. The last but not the least advantage of the artificial moon is that it can regulate the weather on earth.

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Some Disadvantages of the Chinese Artificial Moon

1. The artificial moon of China may affect animals and birds present in the environment.

2. The reason behind it is that it emits electromagnetic radiation, which obviously affects people.

3. It can cause harm to the health of people.

4. It can positively or negatively affect the weather on the Earth.

5. The artificial moon can reflect the light to the earth, causing problems for living beings and useful plants.

6. It can also give rise to light pollution.

7. The increasing number of future artificial moons can also affect space travel.

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Significant Facts about China’s Artificial Moon

1. The scientific name of the artificial moon is the “Mini-Moon”.

2. The respective diameter of this Mini Moon is about 60 cm.

3. Unlike our moon, this mini-moon has its own light.

4. This mini-moon has also the same gravity as our natural satellite, i.e.1/6 of the earth’s gravity.

5. It is expected that this mini-moon will assist future experiments and research.

6. Along with the assistance, this mini-moon will also help in research about oceans and other bodies.

7. This mini-moon will help to study the weather on the Earth.

8. China is the first country in the world, to build an artificial moon.

9. The artificial moon will orbit the Earth at a maximum altitude of 305 miles.

10. It will more likely take 02 hours and 37 minutes, to orbit the Earth. Thereafter, it would return to the place from where it was launched.

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Update About China Artificial Moon

In the future, China is set to embark on a new mission on the moon, whose name is chang’6. The main ambition of the chang’6 mission is to take samples of the lunar surface for the Artificial Moon.

The research facility also played a crucial role in China’s other mission. China will launch change’7 into the south pole of the moon.

China is enthusiastically planning to build a space station in a low earth orbit. So, this artificial moon will eventually help to build this station. Beijing has already planned to land the astronauts on the lunar surface by the year 2030.

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