National Seminar on Potential Concepts and Practices in AyurVeda

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National Seminar on Potential Concepts and Practices in AyurVeda
September 21, 2015
September 22, 2015
Unnamed Organizer
July 16, 2015
Sri Venkateswar Swamy Temple
Lane Opp Andhra Bank, Saroor Nagar Branch, HYDERABAD, INDIA, 500035, Select a Country:

Vedas have provided us a few applied sciences. Ayurveda is the science of human health. Major advantage of Ayurveda over the traditionally practiced chemical medicine is its ancient origin. It stood to the test of time for the last 5000 yrs and more. During its evolution from time to time, Ayurveda has gathered and acquired special concepts and Practicable practices.

Today a learned person feels that Ayurveda is a better human- caringsystem. However, a systemic effort is the need of the time, to percolate all edging specialties of Ayurveda. We have to give due publicity and spread them in the society for the benefit of humanity today and in future. It is an essential step to protect human race from new stubborn diseases like Chikun Gunya, Swine Flu and Ebola and many more such conditions in future. I-SERVE has identified Ayurveda as a potential treasure of human health. It has carved a newer way by venturing several unique activities in the field of Vedic Sciences and Ayurveda. I-SERVE organized several Conferences in the field of Ancient Sciences with special reference to health care through Ayurveda, Ancient agriculture, Astronomy and cosmology, Dating of Ancient events, Cultural continuity and allied sciences from time to time, in which eminent scientists participated todiscuss various issues relating to the Research and Development of Ancient Indian Sciences.

Now, I-SERVE, Hyderabad, is conducting a “National Seminar on Potential Concepts and Practices in Ayurveda”. The conference is another effort in same direction. The theme of the conference is first of its kind. The conference is aimed at churning Ayurveda and bringing out the nectar. All the Ayurveda Scholars are here by urged to make a note the conference and extend their valuable contributions from their specialties.

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