GREEN AGRICULTURE for a better world

India has had a rich agriculture heritage since the time of Rigveda (around 8000 B.C.) Their techniques are nature friendly and run parallel to modern green agricultural processes. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide to increase the produce has drastically reduced the fertility of soil and also the health of the soil, which has adversely affected crops and the health of the consumers. The modern agricultural scientists, have started advocating green cultural techniques such as usage of organic manures, rotation of crops which find mention in our ancient texts too. I-SERVE has taken up many activities to propagate the concept of Green Agriculture of Organic Farming. These include going to villages, surveying the pattern of agriculture, educating the farmers by removing apprehensions and training them in Green Agriculture with workshops, lectures, publications etc.

It is proposed to train a minimum number of 50,000 farmers with one Lakhs hectares of land to start with, in AP & Telangana during a period of the three years.

• It is envisaged that with our training, many farmers will revert to green agriculture and this will be the inspiration to many other farmers in the vicinity and it is anticipated there will be a chain movement towards green agriculture / organic farming. Thus, in the next decade, at least 20 percent of the farmers will become organic farmers, thereby protecting the environment and soil fertility.

• Village surveys are proposed with monitoring of crops with practical advises from agriculture experts and awareness improvement. To train the farmers to make their own composts, fertilizers, pesticides, thus making the organic farming affordable.

• To ensure that entrepreneurs establish industry units to produce organic fertilizers, composts, pesticides, vermicides etc.,/p>

• To develop awareness about the various uses of Cow’s milk, urine which have both medicine and nutritive values.

Agriculture experts who have knowledge in the ancient agriculture will train and guide farmers towards better farming practices.