Undoubtedly, Puranas were not intended by their composers to be treatises on sciences. Nevertheless, they contain a large number of scientific references. The reason for this is that the composers / authors of these works were not only poets and philosophers but also scientists, on their own right. So, whenever an occasion to speak of scientific matters arose, such matters were explained a bit elaborately and perfectly. Hence, their study is bound to give us many new clues about the nature of the Nature friendly sciences of those days. Hence, I-SERVE is making a comprehensive list of scientific references in all the 18 Puranas, categorizing them and making comparative study with modern sciences.

1. PROJECT ON VEDAGHOSHA THERAPY Veda Ghosha Therapy-Recitals of Veda Mantras as Therapy for Cure of Various Deceases

Objectives: To provide cost effective, side effect – free, alternative cure to some of the prolonged and vexing health disorders which are suffocating the present day society.

Summary of the proposed Research The concept of Vedapathanam  for therapeutical purposes  was a  system of practice in the ancient Indian society.  Specially  when such Pathanams were conducted  in an Yagna shala,  people used to immerse in the activity and  concentrate  their minds   on the Vedic sounds.  There are many quotes to say that a number of  positive changes take place in the body,  when the concerned brain is fully concentrated on Vedic sounds. By  a continuous  practice of hearing the vedic sounds, diseases are likely to be cured.

Present  Knowledge  and relevant  bibliography  relating to the subject Traditionally, the vedic scholars believe that certain parts of veda are more effective for curative purposes. For example the Sunnala pannam and Aruna Prashna of Krishna Yajurveda are said to be very powerful in curing illhealths like fevers, heart troubles, leprosy, etc. The Pavamaana Suktas of Rigveda are said to be powerful in curing chronic diseases. The Sarpa & Visha suktas of Atharva Veda are said to be powerful in curing the effects of poisonous bites. When we look at the bibliography related to this knowledge, the Grihya Sutras of Apastambha, Aswalayana, Bodhayana etc (which belong roughly to the periods of 1000 to 2000 B.C, according to modern estimates)  give certain clues of utilizing Veda mantras for the purpose of therapy. It seems that no systematic scientific studies have been conducted on these aspects of Veda Ghosha so far. Ours might perhaps be a pilot project in this field. We propose to apply modern scientific parameters and determine the validity of Veda Ghosha Therapy in the case of certain selected diseases. With this background I-SERVE is making efforts to conduct fulfledged scientific studies on the above subject, in collaboration with SVIMS (Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences) Tirupati and the pilot project was completed and results were encouraging. The next phase is to be taken up shortly with the help of T.T.D.

2. EFFECTS OF SOUND ENERGY ON WATER There were proposals for the Japanese scientists that sound energy has definite effects on water who published a book on this subject which became very popular. But the details of the study were not discussed in the said publication. Similar claims were being made by ancient Indians since several millennia and the present practice of TIRTHA & BHASMA  amply prove the popularity of the said claims. In view of this, I-SERVE took up a special project on this subject, to examine the validity of the claims in a perfectly scientific way. The team consists of
(i) Dr. O. Gayatri Devi, Hyderabad
(ii) Dr. K.V.R.S. Murty, IICT, Hyderabad and others

3. PREDICTION OF RAINFALL IN INDIA A full fledged study of the ancient and modern datas on this subject is under taken with an aim of evolving a scientific “Rain-Map”  for Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and then for India in the first step and extend it to other regions later on. The team of (i)  Prof. G. Rama   Scientist,   DGM, MET Facility, RO (R) ISRO, Dept of Space, Govt of Inida., Hyderabad
(ii)  Dr. C.V.B. Subramanyam, Dean, Dept. of Social and other Sciences, Telugu University, Hyd.
(iii) Prof. K.V.Krishna Murty, Chairman, I-SERVE
And others….