Out of the four Vedas, Atharvana veda is well known for its direct scientific references. The medicinal references in Adharvana Veda are plenty, but unfortunately not all of them do tally with the present day system of Ayurvedic medicine. Considerable work has been done in this direction by others also and yet a lot remains unstudied. Apart from this, there are many references to other branches of science also in Atharvana Veda. Terms like Apsara, Rakshasa, Alambusa etc., which are otherwise popular as names of deities and demons, are used in Atharvana Veda to mean bacteria, magnetic forces etc., and the interpretation given in the well known Sayana Bhashya and other traditional commentaries are to be reevaluated from a different perspective to squeeze out the hidden scientific statements from the Mantras of this Veda.

Hence I-SERVE took special interest in this Veda and designed a R&D project to list out the scientific references available in the Atharvana Veda, subject wise, so that comparative study with the modern counterparts could be taken up in a phased manner.

That is why, our project on this subject is being handled by traditional Vedartha Scholars and reputed modern scientists.