It is true that the early man, particularly the ancient Indian, had utilized every natural source for his benefit. Out of the natural sources Fauna is always a potential source, which is not being put to its optimum use now-a-days. As we go into commentaries of scriptures, we find hundreds of names of text books related to this subject. The methods of capturing different animal, birds and other creatures, both wild and non-wild, were described in these text books. The methods of the training them and treating them medically were discussed at length. We are sure that the study of these text books will offer us better veterinary techniques and safer utilization of nature’s creatures. For this purpose our project on this is being headed by a retired veterinary doctor, who happen to be a Sanskrit scholar and animal lover.  I-SERVE is focusing on two aspects of this subject. (i) Treating the animals (ii)  Treating the humans with the products of animals.
 PASU PAKSHI NIGHANTU (Dictionary of Birds & Animals)